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Canada's rail system moves over 300 million tonnes of cargo each year.

With 48,000 kilometres of track, Canada has one of the largest rail networks in the world. Transport Canada regulations, standards and programs work to make our railway system safe, secure, accessible, competitive and more environmentally responsible.

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Travelling across Canada by rail is an exciting and environmentally sustainable way of seeing many of the natural wonders that Canada has to offer.

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  • Security
    • Passenger Rail &Urban Transit Security
I am a transit user

Safe, sustainable and efficient public transit systems are essential to Canada’s economy, environment and quality of life. While urban transit infrastructure is a shared municipal and provincial/territorial responsibility, the Government of Canada recognizes that making urban transportation more sustainable and efficient is a significant challenge that requires the cooperation of all levels of government.

Canada’s cities and regions are making clean, efficient and convenient transportation options a reality. Transport Canada’s Urban Transportation Showcase highlights innovative sustainable transportation projects and issues that are changing how Canadians move.

  • Sustainable Transportation
    • Urban Transportation Showcase
    • Moving on Sustainable Transportation (MOST)
    • Transportation Infrastructure Programs – Transit Programs
    • Commuter Options: The Complete Guide for Canadian Employers
  • Safety
    • Passenger Rail &Urban Transit Security
  • Transit Passes
    • Tax credit for public transit passes
I am a railway employee

Transport Canada develops and promotes regulations related to railway employee qualifications and training, as well as assistance to rail passengers with disabilities.

  • Railway Employee Qualification Standards
  • On the Job
    • Railway Employee Qualification Standards
    • Canadian Rail Operating Rules
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Keep you and your family safe in the car and on foot: stay up-to-date on railway crossing safety information.

Learn about railway crossing facts and tips.

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