Grade Crossings Regulations Consultations

The departmental consultation process on the Grade Crossings Policy and Standards is officially over. From all the comments received, modifications were made to the Policy in order to minimize the financial impact on both road and rail authorities, while maintaining Transport Canada’s objective for safer grade crossings.

The proposed Grade Crossings Regulations and the Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement were pre-published in the Canada Gazette, Part I, on February 8, 2014, for a 90-day comment period.

Under the authority of the RSA, the proposed Grade Crossings Regulations would reduce the frequency and severity of accidents, therefore saving lives and preventing injuries and derailments at federally-regulated grade crossings, furthering Transport Canada’s mission to serve the public interest through the promotion of a safe and secure transportation system in Canada. In particular, the proposed Regulations would improve safety by:

  • establishing comprehensive and enforceable safety standards for grade crossings;
  • clarifying the roles and responsibilities of railway companies and road authorities; and
  • ensuring the sharing of key safety information between railway companies and road authorities.

In addition, the proposed Regulations would also address an item on the Transportation Safety Board Watchlist and a few recommendations.

Next Steps:

  1. Allow stakeholders and the public 90 days to provide comments.
  2. Review comments and finalize the Regulations.
  3. Publish the Regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part II.

The material on the Grade Crossings Policy’s departmental consultations is available in the archived section.