19. Interconnection of Traffic Signals with Warning Systems

19.1  Interconnection is to be provided at grade crossings where the railway design speed is 25 km/h (15 mph) or more and where there is less than 30 m between the nearest rail of a grade crossing and the travelled way of an intersection with traffic signals.

19.2  Except as otherwise specified in these standards or in the Grade Crossings Regulations, the design and operation of the interconnection of traffic signals with a warning system, at a grade crossing that corresponds to the specifications of 19.1, must be in accordance with Part 3.1.10 of the AREMA Communications and Signals Manual (cited in Part A).

19.3  The interconnection of traffic signals with a warning system must:

  1. provide sufficient time for vehicles to clear the grade crossing before the arrival of railway equipment at the crossing surface.
  2. prevent movement of road traffic from the intersection towards the grade crossing.

19.4  Where traffic signals are interconnected by warning systems, 4 hours continuous battery back-up must be provided for the traffic signals.

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