Part F – Requirements of Section 11 – Railway Safety Act

Appendix: Guideline for Bridge Safety Management with clarification comments on grey background

5.1 - Scope

Pursuant to section 11of the Railway Safety Act “All the engineering work relating to railway works, including design, construction, evaluation or alteration, shall be done in accordance with sound engineering principles. A professional engineer shall take responsibility for the engineering work”.

5.2 - Engineering work related to Bridges

Engineering works includes but is not limited to:

  • Preparing bridge design and specifications;
  • Determining bridge load capacities;
  • Developing construction, repair and modification procedures;
  • Developing inspection and evaluation procedures;
  • Reviewing bridge inspection reports and conducting safety evaluations;
  • Evaluating proposed maintenance deferrals;
  • Verifying that construction, repair and modification work is completed in accordance with design and specifications.

Section Analysis 5.2 – Engineering work related to Bridges

Professional engineers shall assume responsibility for maintenance and construction of bridges and should:

  • develop or adopt documented standards or drawings with procedures for the maintenance or construction of bridges, including requirements for items such as safety of bridges, the employees and the environment.
  • maintain documented procedures to ensure that the maintenance and construction work is completed and carried out in accordance with standards and procedures.
  • maintain documented procedures to ensure that maintenance and construction activities are not deferred without first being assessed, recorded and approved by a Railway Bridge Engineer.
  • maintain documented bridge maintenance and construction procedures that establish the method and format to be used to record and document all bridge maintenance and construction.
  • maintain records that identify, at a minimum, the bridge work carried out, the maintenance work undertaken (specific locations and items on the bridge), the date the work was undertaken, the name of the persons undertaking the maintenance work, the name of the Railway Bridge Engineer responsible for the maintenance and construction of bridges and all outstanding maintenance work yet to be completed. In addition all work done from engineered drawings should include an “as-built” revision to the drawings as may be required.
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