Policy, Research and Statistics

Effective transportation is vital to the Canadian economy and society. Transport Canada is committed to keeping Canada at the leading edge of transportation technology. The department's research and development (R&D) program is aimed at ensuring that Canada's transportation system remains safe, smart, strategic and sustainable. Research is important for good public policy and decision making.

The role of the Policy Group is to develop, recommend and coordinate modal and multi–modal policies. Essentially the group offers advice, analysis and data on transportation issues, system performance and stakeholder positions. Advice on policy options is based on efficiency, competitiveness, safety and security, environmental sustainability, and inter-modal integration.

The Transportation Development Centre is Transport Canada's centre of expertise for technology research and development. Its multidisciplinary team of engineers, ergonomists and planners forges partnerships between industry, governments and research centres for the development, demonstration and application of innovative technological solutions to Canada's transportation challenges.

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