Road Transportation

Most Canadians drive or ride in cars, vans, buses or trucks to get where they want and need to go. Canada has nearly 900,000 kilometres of road — enough to circle the globe 22 times!

Canada's national highway system is made up of over 38,000 kilometres of important national and regional highways.

All levels of government, as well as several instrumental public- and private-sector partners, are working together to support the Canada's Road Safety Strategy 2025 plan and make Canada's roads the safest in the world.

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  I am a driver

The key to safe driving is to pay attention to the road - at all times - and to make sure passengers (and kids) are always properly buckled up.

Transport Canada has proposed that Electronic Stability Control (ESC) be required on all passenger cars, multi-purpose vehicles, trucks and buses with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 4536 kg or less and manufactured on or after September 1st, 2011.

 I am a transit user

Safe, sustainable and efficient public transit systems are essential to Canada’s economy, environment and quality of life. While urban transit infrastructure is a shared municipal and provincial/territorial responsibility, the Government of Canada recognizes that making urban transportation more sustainable and efficient is a significant challenge that requires the cooperation of all levels of government.

Canada’s cities and regions are making clean, efficient and convenient transportation options a reality. Transport Canada’s Urban Transportation Showcase highlights innovative sustainable transportation projects and issues that are changing how Canadians move.

 I am a commercial vehicle operator

As a commercial vehicle operator, you help move the goods and services that Canadians produce, import and export, through North America’s vast network of highways.

Transport Canada is leading an experimental study aimed at developing and validating scientifically sound napping and recovery strategies for truck drivers.

 I am a vehicle manufacturer

The information in this section will help Canadian and foreign manufacturers design and build vehicles that meet the standards and regulations under Canada's Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA).

We have information on vehicle manufacturing, such as the guidelines for making and selling trailers and "kit cars".

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