Appendix B: Biographies of Advisory Panel Members

The Honourable Doug Lewis (Chair) is a Chartered Accountant and lawyer. Mr. Lewis served as the Member of Parliament for the riding of Simcoe North (Ontario) for the period from 1979 to 1993. During that time he served as Government House Leader, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Minister of Transport and Solicitor General. Mr. Lewis currently practices law in Orillia, Ontario.

Mr. Pierre-André Côté holds a bachelor in law from the University of Montreal and a post-graduate diploma in public law from the Université de Toulouse. He was Professor of Law at the University of Montreal from 1970 to 2005, and has authored numerous articles and a major treatise on the interpretation of statutes. Mr. Côté is with the firm of Bélanger Sauvé, in Montreal. His fields of expertise include administrative law, judicial review of government actions, and civil rights and freedoms.

Mr. Martin Lacombe worked as a professional executive, manager, policy developer and leader in the railway industry in positions ranging from front-line operations supervision, to short line President and CEO capacities. As well as working with CN, VIA Rail, the Canadian Transport Commission, the Railway Association of Canada, and Genesee and Wyoming Railway, Mr. Lacombe has worked in the railway industry in Australia and Brazil.

Mr. Gary Moser is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Health Employers Association of British Columbia. He was previously a Deputy Minister in the Provincial Government of British Columbia. He currently operates a private consulting practice focusing on labour relations.

Gary Moser, Pierre-André Côté, Doug Lewis and Martin Lacombe, March 2007
Gary Moser, Pierre-André Côté, Doug Lewis and Martin Lacombe, March 2007
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