Appendix H: Glossary of Acronyms

AAR Association of American Railroads
AMP Administrative Monetary Penalty
BLE Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
CAMA Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators
CANALERT '95 Alertness Assurance in the Canadian Railways study
CANUTEC Canadian Transport Emergency Centre
CARAC Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council
CAW-TCA [formerly, Canadian Auto Workers]
CCPA Canadian Chemical Producers' Association
CEPA Canadian Environmental Protection Act
CIFFC Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre
CLC Canada Labour Code
CLC-II Canada Labour Code Part II
CMA Canada Marine Act
CMAC Canadian Marine Advisory Council
CN Canadian National Railway
COF Certificate of Fitness
CP Canadian Pacific Railway
CROR Canadian Rail Operating Rules
CTA Canadian Transportation Agency
EOC Emergency Operations Centre
EPA Environmental Protection Act (U.S.)
ERAP Emergency Response Assistance Plan
FCM Federation of Canadian Municipalities
FPWGRS Federal-Provincial Working Group on Railway Safety
FRA Federal Railroad Administration
GIC Governor in Council
GCIP Grade Crossing Improvement Program
HRSDC Human Resources and Social Development Canada
ICS Incident Command System
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board (U.S.)
PPSC Policy and Planning Support Committee
RAC Railway Association of Canada
R&D Research and Development
REET Regional Environmental Emergency Team
RIAS Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement
ROC Rail Operating Certificate
RSA Railway Safety Act
RSAC Railroad Safety Advisory Council (U.S.)
RSCC Railway Safety Consultative Committee
RSI Railway safety inspector
RSIG Rail Safety Integrated Gateway
RSSB Rail Safety and Standards Board (U.K.)
RTC Rail Traffic Controller
RTD 10 Technical Standards and Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Requirements
SMS Safety Management System
TATC Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada
TC Transport Canada
TCRC Teamsters Canada Rail Conference
TDC Transportation Development Centre (Transport Canada)
TDG Transportation of Dangerous Goods
TDG Act Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
TDG Directorate Transport Dangerous Good Directorate (Transport Canada)
TrAM Train Area Marshalling
TransCAER Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response
TSB Transportation Safety Board of Canada
TTC Transportation Technology Center (U.S.)
UC Unified Command
UTU United Transportation Union
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