Research Studies

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The following topics were studied:

Causes of Accidents and Mitigation Strategies
G.W. English and T.W. Moynihan, TranSys Research Ltd., July 2007

Development of Work-Rest Rules for Railway Operating Employees: A Case Study
Harvey Sims, Sussex Circle Inc., August 2007

An Examination of the Regulated Requirement for Canadian Railway Safety Management Systems
Terry Kelly, SMS Aviation Inc., August 2007

The Governance of Railway Safety in Canada
James Mitchell and Nigel Chippindale, Sussex Circle Inc., September 2007

The Legislative and Institutional Framework for Railway Safety in Canada
Deana Silverstone, July 2007

Performance Measurement in Railway Safety
Milt Poirier, QGI Consulting Ltd., July 2007

Rail Transport and the Environment in Canada
Liane E. Benoit, Benoit and Associates, August 2007

Railway Safety Technologies
T.W. Moynihan and G.W. English, Research and Traffic Group, July 2007

The State of Rail Safety in Canada
Joseph Schulman, CPCS Transcom Limited, August 2007

A Study of the Role of Human Factors in Railway Occurrences and Possible Mitigation Strategies
Maury Hill, Maury Hill and Associates Inc., Adaptive Safety Concepts, August 2007

Study Pertaining to: Canada-U.S. Harmonization
D.W. Flicker, RRF Consultants Inc., September 2007

As part of the Railway Safety Act (RSA) Review process, the Advisory Panel commissioned independent research studies. Subjects for study were determined by the Advisory Panel's Terms of Reference, and were designed to supplement the Panel's knowledge and understanding of a number of key rail safety topics.

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