Regulatory Proposals under Development

  • Regulations Amending the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, Part 8, Reporting requirements.

    A proposed amendment to Part 8, Reporting Requirements, of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDG Regulations) will be published in Part 1 of the Canada Gazette on June 6, 2015. The amendment will be accessible through the following URL:

    This proposed amendment includes the following:

    • New definition of Release;
    • Amendments to the reporting requirements to introduce circumstances under which a report is required; 
    • Exceptions where the reporting obligation do not apply;
    • The reporting of the loss or theft of dangerous goods;
    • The reporting of unlawful interference with dangerous goods; and
    • New reporting criteria for misdeclared or undeclared dangerous goods to harmonize with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) reporting requirements.

    Comments are requested in writing on or before July 6, 2015.  Please send comments to:

    Geneviève Sansoucy
    A/Chief, Regulatory Affairs Branch
    Transport Dangerous Goods
    Transport Canada
    Place de Ville, Tower, 330 Sparks Street, 9th Floor
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0N5
    Tel: 613-990-5766 Fax: 613-993-5925