List of issues at start of consultation in 1990

Dangerous Goods

Here are the issues used at Step 2 of the review of the old TDG Act, summarized from the insert distributed with the TDG Newsletter issue of Spring 1990.

1.  Nation-Wide Application of the TDGA

2.  TDGA Jurisdiction (regulated activities; presence of dangerous goods)

3. Continuity of responsibility for Dangerous Goods (owner vs carrier; abandoned)

4.  Proof of financial responsibility (and what should it cover)

5. Appointment of agents (responsibilities of agent)

6. Punishment – Increased Fines & Jail Terms

7. Continuing or Repeated Offences

8. Prosecution of Officers of Corporations

9.  Retention of Seized Property

10. Cancellation – Inspector / Analyst Certificate

11.  TDG Inspectors – Authority

12.  TDG Inspectors – Authority to Direct

13.  TDG Inspectors – Retrieval of Electronically Stored Information

14.  TDG Inspectors – Request, Direct or Take Emergency Measures

15.  Safety Standards – Inspections and Registration

16. Emergency Response Assistance Plans

17.  Safety Standards – Appointment of Agents

18.  Shipping Documents vs. Safety Requirements

19.  Shipping Documents – Prima Facie Proof

20.  Safety Marks – Prohibition

21. Protection to an Individual providing Voluntary or Mandatory Reports

22.  Good Samaritan Clause

23.  Rail Safety Act – Bulk Storage Facility Regulations

24.  Clarify Regulation Making Authority

25.  Adoption by Reference of Agreements/Conventions/Standards

26.  Notice of Permits, and Regulatory Changes due to changes in international agreements/conventions/standards

27.  Fees & Expenses – Inspection, Registration & Permit Issuance

28.  Permits

29.  Permit of Exception & Permit of Equivalent Level of Safety

30. Protective Directions – Alignment of French & English Texts, Applicability

31. Cancellation – Permits/Protective Directions

32.  Canada Shipping Act – In Bulk Marine Vessels

33.  Revised statutes Chapter T-19 (concept: other acts affecting TDGA)

34. Explosive's Vehicle Certificate (EVC)

35.  Provide for a new TDG Act

36. Definitions – Consequential Amendments

37. Consequential Amendments (to other Acts)

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