Comments from the Fire Chiefs

Dangerous Goods

A-7  Application of Technology to TDG Security

The Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs has grave concern with a move that is apparently abreast to disband the use of the Plaque Carding System.  This system was implemented to identify hazardous products that are being transported across Canada and also those imported into our country.

It is our Association's position that the Plaque Carding System and CANUTEC remain unchanged and we encourage enhancement and upgrading of both resources.  Of course, the question then arises—if this system is deactivated, what will replace it?  Without knowing this, the Association will stand in opposition to any action taken to discontinue the Plaque Carding System.

Our Association and, we believe that we also speak for the first responder community throughout Canada, most definitely does not support the Canadian Security Intelligence Service's position on this issue.  We understand that CSIS is of the opinion that removal of the Plaque Carding System will impede acts of terrorism.

Our Association maintains that the individuals who consider and undertake acts of terrorism do not rely upon the Plaque Carding System to identify products able to injure or kill persons and/or destroy property.

In addition, the Plaque Carding System provides vital information to the first responder community ensuring not only its safety but that of our citizens at large.

We cannot deny our first responder community the ability to identify hazardous products and materials and undertake appropriate action to protect our environment and the populace as a whole.

By eliminating the Plaque Carding System, the first line of defence is immediately removed thereby placing everyone and everything at a greater risk.  It is imperative that we maintain this system and its associated critical information so that we are prepared in the event of a hazardous product/material incident.

Donald F. Warden, Fire Chief/WBFD
Chairman, Government Relations
Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs
March 24, 2004

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