Step 1: Identify the issues

Dangerous Goods

This step comprises a very generalized, free format consultation.  Here is, as an example, an incomplete list of all people invited to comment:

  • Competent authorities
    • provinces
    • other federal departments
  • Inspectors
    • Transport Canada’s TDG Inspectors
    • Provincial and Territorial TDG Inspectors
    • Inspectors from other programs
      (e.g., inspectors for the Explosives Act)
  • Regulated industry
    • consignors
    • carriers
    • importers and exporters
    • manufacturers
    • users
  • General Public and those who serve the public
    • fire-fighters
    • police officers
    • health practitioners and responders
    • mayors and other elected officials
    • public
  • Other Stakeholders
    • Insurers
    • Environmentalists
    • Secondary transformation industry
    • Other countries

All comments on the application of the TDG Act will be considered.  Comments dealing with the TDG Regulations or other legislation will be forwarded to the appropriate program.

When we reviewed the old TDG Act (1990-1992), hundreds of comments had been received up to the end of Step 1.  Some dated back to the early 80’s.

To send a comment on the TDG Act:

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