Step 5: Consult on the issues

Dangerous Goods

The consultation document (detailed list of issues) is now ready.

The original version from March 15, 2004, was published in the TDG Newsletter.

By letter, email, telephone or otherwise, we invite participation from:

  • Any person who will have contacted us (by letter, by email or by phone) at Steps 1 to 4, whether the person offered a comment or not;
  • all TDG Newsletter subscribers;
  • all representatives from federal departments and from federal agencies likely to be affected by any change to the TDG Act;
  • all air, marine and rail carriers;
  • all major national trucking associations;
  • all major industrial groups (e.g., the propane industry);
  • all provincial and territorial representatives, members of the TDG Task Force;
  • all members of the Consultative Committee on TDG Policy;
  • any person identified as a stakeholder by members of the Task Force or the Consultative Committee; and
  • any person who asks to be included.

The subscriber list to the TDG Newsletter includes all Canadian municipalities (including police and fire fighting services).

There will also be public consultation meetings.  A first wave of meetings in May 2004 and, if needed, a second wave of meetings in September or October 2004.

A final meeting will take place in Ottawa on November 9, 2004.


List of Issues 2004

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