Step 6: Analyse the results

Dangerous Goods

Using the reactions to the documents sent to all interested persons, we will better understand the impact of the issues as well as the pertinence of the solutions that were offered.

During the review of the old TDG Act in 1990-1992, some issues almost disappeared once participants understood their nature and scope.  For example, issues dealing with commercial aspects of transportation became less important once the levels of government stated their desire to withdraw from regulating normal business.  Only issues dealing with public safety stayed on the list.

During the analysis, we may go to individual participants in order to clarify comments or to better understand proposed solutions.

We may also send out a question about specific issues. In such case, we will use the electronic mailing list (and the web site).

Major events occurring during the 2003-2005 consultation may alter our perception of issues, solutions and priorities.

During the analysis, the consultation document will be amended in order to reflect comments, new proposed solutions and new priorities, if applicable.

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