Step 7: Seek expert advice

Dangerous Goods

Using the revised list prepared at Step 6, we will seek the advice of experts who will help us determine the feasibility of proposed solutions as well as the interaction among various solutions.

For example, if a desired solution to an issue involves the use of standards, experts in standardization may help us determine if appropriate standards already exist, or if it is possible to modify existing standards or to create new ones, if the proposed standards may be enforced, if they can be used under most conditions (e.g., climate, geography, size of business), and so on.

The list of experts will include members of the TDG Task Force and of the Consultative Committee on matters of TDG policy, as well as representatives of federal programs that are used in promoting public safety in the transportation of dangerous goods or in a related field.

In addition, depending on the nature of the issue or of the proposed solution, we will consult experts from various public or private fields, for example in matters of health, emergency response, vehicle manufacturing, engineering, construction and civil or criminal law.

There may very well be an overlap between steps 6 and 7

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