The Nine Steps of Consultation for the Review of the TDG Act

Step 1: Identify the issues

Step 2: Categorize and prioritize the issues 

Step 3: Describe the issues

Step 4: Invite discussion

Step 5: Consult on the issues

Step 6: Analyse the results

Step 7: Seek expert advice

Step 8: Take the decisions

Step 9: Realise the decisions 

Links are to pages giving a more detailed description of each step and some background information regarding the review of the old TDG Act in 1990-1992.

At the time, it took two years to proceed from the start of Step 2 to the end of Step 9.

Some steps overlap.  For example, some aspects of Step 4 begin with Step 1.  Also, we may begin to seek expert advice (Step 7) way before the end of Step 6.

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