Canada Gazette on the Internet

As of June 3, 1998, Public Works and Government Services Canada has made the Canada Gazette available (all three Parts) on the Internet!

The web site includes separate hyperlinks for Canada Gazette Part I (published every Saturday), Part II (published every second Wednesday) and Part III (published as soon as reasonably practical after Royal Assent of Public Acts of Parliament and their enactment proclamations).

There is a single PDF (portable document format) file for each issue of the Canada Gazette with a table of contents and an index containing bookmarks and hyperlinks. It is only available in PDF, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is freeware) can be downloaded free from Adobe's web site

The ability to electronically access the Canada Gazette improves the TDG regulatory consultation program by allowing timely review and comment from industry and government sectors on any proposed TDG Regulations.

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