United Nations Committee of Experts on TDG

The Transport Dangerous Goods Directorate is a member of the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods as well as its Sub-Committee.

The Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods meets in December of even-numbered years (e.g., December 2000, December 2002, etc.). It reviews and approves the proposed changes recommended by its Sub-committee and these approved changes are published in the UN Recommendations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (i.e., UN Orange Book). The Orange Book is published approximately six months after the biennial Committee meetings. Currently, twenty-five countries are full voting members of the Sub-Committee.

The Sub-Committee of Experts meets in July and December of odd-numbered years (e.g., July 2001, December 2001). The Sub-Committee reviews proposals from member states for changes to the UN Recommendations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (i.e. UN Orange Book) and makes recommendations to the Committee. The Orange Book forms the basis for TDG programs in countries and those administered through modal agencies (e.g. International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, International Civil Aviation Organization Technical Instructions).

Proposal papers, minutes/reports of past meetings and agendas for upcoming meetings are available from the following UN TDG web site:

Pleases note that the documents on this site are available in WordPerfect and Adobe Acrobat formats. Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is freeware) can be downloaded free from Adobe's web site:


To provide all interested parties in Canada an opportunity to comment on these proposals, we are requesting your input. Your comments will help us to prepare a Canadian response to all proposal papers.

If you wish to submit a proposal paper for consideration by the Committees, please send it to the attention of Linda Hume-Sastre (linda.hume-sastre@tc.gc.ca) a minimum of three (3) months prior to the Committee meeting.

If you wish to comment on a proposal paper and want a Canadian viewpoint concerning the proposal paper presented at the meeting, please send your comments at least one (1) month prior to that particular meeting.

Please note that your comments should be sent directly by e-mail or by regular mail to Linda Hume-Sastre (linda.hume-sastre@tc.gc.ca) and not the UN Committee since only member countries are permitted to submit comments to the Committee.

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