Hydrostatic Testing Training Requirements

The 2008 version of CSA B339, now adopted into the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, requires facilities applying for registration or renewal as requalifiers of cylinders by the hydrostatic retest and visual inspection method to include in their application a description of the training, qualifications, and experience that enables their staff to perform the inspections and tests required by CSA B339. Transport Canada will assess the adequacy of the training identified by each applicant in deciding whether or not to grant a registration. As always, applicants must demonstrate familiarity with the standard and a capability to consistently comply with its requirements.

Transport Canada is familiar with certain commercially available training packages for cylinder requalifiers:

CTC Certified Training Co.
Telephone: 970-240-3391
Facsimile: 970-240-8146
Flame Tamer Fire & Safety Ltd.
Telephone: 905-791-3102
Facsimile: 905-791-2191

Applicants may attest to having attended one of these courses by submitting copies of training certificates obtained from the trainer. Applicants electing to engage other training providers or electing to conduct in-house training will be required to submit details of this training to Transport Canada for review. Please contact Transport Canada for additional information relating to the requirements for in-house training programs or alternative course providers.

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