Section 2


"inspector" means a person designated as an inspector under subsection 10(1);


The Act provides for the establishment of inspectors whose duties are to conduct inspections to determine if compliance is being achieved. This extends to the gathering of evidence in cases in which non-compliance is observed or suspected, possibly leading to enforcement action. There are other duties and authorities assigned to inspectors throughout the Act such as those directed toward ensuring safety in the case of an actual or imminent accidental release of dangerous goods from a means of containment being used to handle or transport dangerous goods.

An inspector is not automatically designated according to his/her function, position, or how the inspector was hired. A person is only designated as an inspector once the Minister (through his/her designate) is convinced that the person can properly carry out the duties of an inspector. Any person may be appointed as an inspector although, in practice, this is restricted to federal and provincial civil servants.


Section 10 - Designation of an inspector; use of an inspector's designation card


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