TDG and Security

Canadian Requirements and Proposals

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US Requirements and Proposals

  1. January 2003, United States Prohibition Related to Explosives

    NOTE: This rule has been superseded by a DOT Interim Final Rule for truck and rail. See item 2 in the list of US Requirements and Proposals

  2. February 2003, Alternate United States DOT Rule on Explosives
  3. United States Requirements on Security Plans, Security Awareness Training, for all Dangerous Goods

    Note: We have asked two questions of US authorities, and will post the answers when they are available:

    1. What must a Canadian driver do to be in compliance?
    2. Once in compliance how does a Canadian driver show he/she is in compliance, at the border or when within the United States?
  1. United States Requirements on Security Clearances for Persons Transporting Dangerous Goods Within the United States

    Note: Currently these requirements do not apply to holders of Canadian licenses. However, it is anticipated that this will change

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