On Line Application Process

The need for a Transportation Security Clearance – every individual who requires access to the restricted areas of designated airports or marine port across Canada or by the nature of their work must first obtain a transportation security clearance before an access card can be issued.

Transportation Security Clearance Program – Aviation

The aim of the Transportation Security Clearance Program (TSCP) Policy is the prevention of unlawful acts of interference with civil aviation by granting of clearances to persons who meet the standards set out in the Program.

Marine Transportation Security Clearance Program - Marine

The objective of the Marine Transportation Security Clearance Program (MTSCP) is to reduce the risk of security threats by preventing unlawful interference with the marine transportation system by conducting background checks on marine workers who perform certain duties or who have access to certain restricted areas in a marine port.

Process of Applications

Applicants must provide a valid photo-bearing government-issued identification, biographical data, fingerprints, a photograph and verifiable information on the past five years of their work, study and residency.  

For more information, please contact the Security Screening Program at (613) 990-5532, Fax (613) 990-2848 or e-mail SecurityScreeningRequests/information@tc.gc.ca

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