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Security and Emergency Preparedness
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Application Requirements

This online application form is required by anyone wishing to obtain a transportation security clearance.

NOTE: Incomplete portions of the printed application form can be completed by hand afterwards.

In order to be able use this online application process, you will need one of the following: Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer 6.0 or Microsoft Windows with Netscape 7.02

This application must be completed in a single session. You CANNOT save this application and complete it at a later time. Please ensure that you possess all the required information listed below before starting the application!

To complete this online application process you will be required to print one or more pages. Please verify that you have a printer available and ready to that effect. We strongly suggest that you do not begin the application until such time. Be advised that all the information entered will be lost, unless you complete the process through printing. You can print the application at any time by going to the end and choosing Finished. If you choose to complete some of the sections by hand, please use block letters.

The following information will be required in order to complete the online application form. The information provided by the applicant must be adequate, reliable and verifiable. Covering a period of five contiguous years prior to the application being considered by the Minister.

  1. Identification information
    • Name changes
    • Birth place
    • Birth certificate
  2. Activities The last 5 years
    • Addresses
    • Education
    • Employer
  3. Spousal Current and previous (if applicable)
    • Address
    • Place of birth
    • Birth certificate

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