Protecting our coasts: Working together

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Oceans Protection Plan


We are working together with Indigenous peoples, coastal communities, industry and stakeholders to protect our oceans.

Whales Initiative: Protecting the Southern Resident Killer Whale

The Southern Resident Killer Whale is a vital component of the local marine ecosystem and has cultural significance for Indigenous Peoples and coastal communities in British Columbia.

Addressing threats to whales in Canadian waters

Canada's whales need our help. Together we are working to help protect Canada's endangered whales.

Discover how climate change affects shipping in the Arctic

The temperature in the Arctic has risen, on average, 3-4 °C over the past 50 years. The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment has found that this increase represented almost twice the rate of that of the rest of the world.

Join the Canadian Coast Guard

Learn about careers within Canadian Coast Guard and current job openings.

Better managing west coast marine traffic through an Interim Protocol

Introducing interim measures to effectively manage the use of anchorages outside of port boundaries along the southern coast of British Columbia.

Marine Training Program

The Marine Training Program provides federal funding to help expand traditional learning, e-learning, and blended learning programs at Canada's marine training schools.

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