Pilot and personnel licensing, aircraft and airport operations, drones, incident reporting, air travel, airworthiness.

Services and information

Drone safety

Flying your drone safely and legally, report a drone incident, where and where not to fly.

Air travel

Everything you need to know to prepare for a worry-free flight.

Aviation security

Incident reporting, screening cargo, passengers and airport personnel.

Registering and leasing aircraft

Process and forms for registering and leasing aircraft in Canada.

Operating airports and aerodromes

Maintaining safe runways, reporting an incident, land use, airport terminal accessibility, list of airports.

Licensing for pilots and personnel

Applying for licences and permits, flight schools, examinations, aviation document booklet, language proficiency.

Licensing for aircraft maintenance engineers (AME)

Obtaining and renewing an AME licence, finding an approved AME training organization.

Medical fitness for aviation

Medical fitness of pilots and air traffic controllers, fatigue management systems.

Requirements and tools for aviation training organizations

Check pilot and qualification programs, instructor guides, training devices, starting a flight training unit.

Aircraft airworthiness

Aircraft and aeronautical product design, maintenance and manufacturing, service difficulty reporting.

General operating and flight rules

General aviation, private and all-weather operations, equipment requirements, obstacle marking and lighting, de-icing, offences and enforcement.

Certification and licensing for air operators

Air operator certification, air carrier licensing and charter permits.

Requirements for carrying passengers

Licences and charter permits, tariffs, baggage rules, flight attendant training.

Aviation accidents and investigations

Investigations and recommendations by the Transportation Safety Board, reporting accidents or unsafe conditions.

Transportation of dangerous goods on aircraft

How to package, mark, label and document dangerous goods on aircraft.

Commercial and Business Aviation

Standards for airlines, air operators, cabin safety. Aviation occupational health and safety.

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