List of common CAN-TSO and ETSO standards

1.0 Section I – List of common CAN-TSO AND ETSO standards

This section provides a list of common standards per section 2.2.1 (b) of the Agreement on Civil Aviation Safety between the European Union and Canada.

CAN-TSO ETSO Subject Revision
TSO-C2d C2d Airspeed Instruments Initial
TSO-C3e C3e Turn and Slip Instruments Rev. 2
TSO-C4c C4c Bank and Pitch Instruments Initial
TSO-C5f C5f Direction Instrument, Non-Magnetic Rev. 2
TSO-C6e C6e Direction Instrument, Magnetic (Gyroscopically Stabilized) Initial
TSO-C7d C7d Direction Instrument, Magnetic Non-stabilized Type (Magnetic Compass) Initial
TSO-C8e C8e Vertical Velocity Instrument (Rate-of-Climb) Initial
TSO-C10b C10b Aircraft Altimeter, Pressure Actuated, Sensitive Type Initial
TSO-C13f C13f Life preservers Initial
TSO-C14b C14b Aircraft Fabric, Intermediate Grade; External Covering Material Initial
TSO-C15d C15d Aircraft Fabric, Grade A; External Covering Material Initial
TSO-C16a C16a Airspeed Tubes (Electrically Heated) Initial
TSO-C22g C22g Safety Belts Initial
TSO-C25a C25a Aircraft Seats and Berths (Type I Transport 6g Forward Load) Initial
TSO-C28 C28 Aircraft Skis Initial
TSO-C30c C30c Aircraft Position Lights Initial
TSO-C39c C39c 9g Transport Airplane Seats Certified by Static Testing only Initial
TSO-C43c C43c Temperature Instruments Initial
TSO-C44c C44c Fuel Flowmeters Initial
TSO-C45b C45b Manifold Pressure Instruments Initial
TSO-C47a C47a Pressure Instruments – Fuel, Oil and Hydraulic Initial
TSO-C53a C53a Fuel and Engine Oil System Hose Assemblies Initial
TSO-C55a C55a Fuel and Oil Quantity Instruments Rev. 1
TSO-C56b C56b Engine-driven Direct Current Generators/Starter-generators Initial
TSO-C62e C62e Aircraft Tyres Rev. 1
TSO-C69c C69c Emergency Evacuation Slides, Ramps and Slide/Raft Combinations Initial
TSO-C70b C70b Life Rafts Rev. 2
TSO-C71 C71 Airborne Static ('DC to DC') Electrical Power Converter (for Air Carrier Aircraft) Initial
TSO-C72c C72c Individual Flotation Devices Initial
TSO-C73 C73 Static Electrical Power Inverter Initial
TSO-C76b C76b Fuel Drain Valves Rev. 2
TSO-C79 C79 Fire Detectors (Radiation Sensing Type) Initial
TSO-C80 C80 Flexible Fuel and Oil Cell Material Initial
TSO-C88b C88b Automatic Pressure Altitude Reporting Code Generating Equipment Rev. 2
TSO-C89a C89a Crew Member Oxygen Regulator, Demand Rev. 2
TSO-C90c C90c Cargo Pallets, Nets and Containers Initial
TSO-C90d C90d Cargo Pallets, Nets and Containers Rev. 1
TSO-C90d C90d A1 Cargo Pallets, Nets and Containers Rev. 2
TSO-C92c C92c Ground Proximity Warning, Glide Slope Deviation Alerting Equipment Initial
TSO-C95a C95a Mach Meters Rev. 1
TSO-C96a C96a Anticollision Light Systems Initial
TSO-C99a C99a Flight Deck (Sedentary) Crew Member Protective Breathing Equipment Rev. 2
TSO-C100b C100b Child Restraint System (CRS) Initial
TSO-C100c C100c Aviation Child Safety Device (ACSD) Rev. 2
TSO-C101 C101 Overspeed Warning Instruments Initial
TSO-C102 C102 Airborne Radar Approach and Beacon Systems for Helicopters Initial
TSO-C103 C103 Continuous Flow Oxygen Mask Assembly (for Non-transport Category Aircraft) Initial
TSO-C105 C105 Optional Display Equipment for Weather and Ground Mapping Radar Indicators Initial
TSO-C109 C109 Airborne Navigation Data Storage System Initial
TSO-C110a C110a Airborne Passive Thunderstorm Detection Systems Initial
TSO-C112d C112d Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System/Mode Select (ATCRSB/Mode S) Airborne Equipment Rev. 1
TSO-C112e C112e Secondary Surveillance Radar Mode S Transponder Rev. 2
TSO-C113 C113 Airborne Multipurpose Electronic Displays Initial
TSO-C113a C113a Airborne Multipurpose Electronic Displays Rev. 2
TSO-C114 C114 Torso Restraint Systems Initial
TSO-C115c C115c Flight Management Systems (FMS) using Multi-Sensor Inputs Rev. 1
TSO-C116a C116a Crewmember Portable Protective Breathing Equipment Rev. 2
TSO-C117a C117a Airborne Windshear Warning and Escape Guidance Systems (Reactive Type) for Transport Aeroplanes Initial
TSO-C118 C118 TCAS I Initial
TSO-C119c C119c TCAS II Initial
TSO-C119d C119d Airborne Collision Avoidance System II (TCAS II) Rev. 2
TSO-C121b C121b Underwater Locating Device Rev. 1
TSO-C123b C123b Cockpit Voice Recorders Systems Initial
TSO-C124b C124b Flight Recorder Initial
TSO-C126a C126a 406MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter Rev. 1
TSO-C126b C126b 406MHz and 121.5 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter Rev. 2
TSO-C127a C127a Rotorcraft, Transport Aeroplane, and Normal and Utility Aeroplane Seating Systems Initial
TSO-C127b C127b Rotorcraft, Transport Aeroplane, and Small  Aeroplane Seating Systems Rev. 2
TSO-C129a C129a Airborne Supplemental Navigation Equipment Using Global Positioning System (GPS) Initial
TSO-C132 C132 Geosynchronous Orbit Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Services Aircraft Earth Station Equipment Initial
TSO-C135a C135a Transport Aeroplane Wheels and Wheel and Brake Assemblies Initial
TSO-C139 C139 Aircraft Audio Systems and Equipment Initial
TSO-C139a C139a Audio Systems and Equipment Rev. 2
TSO-C141 C141 Aircraft Fluorescent Lighting Ballast/Fixture Equipment Initial
TSO-C142a C142a Non-rechargeable Lithium Cells and Batteries Initial
TSO-C144a C144a Airborne Global Positioning System Antenna Initial
TSO-C145c C145c Airborne Navigation Sensors Using the Global Positioning System (GPS) Augmented by the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) Initial
TSO-C146c C146c Stand-Alone Airborne Navigation Equipment Using the Global Positioning System (GPS) Augmented by the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) Initial
TSO-C147 C147 Traffic Advisory System (TAS) Airborne Equipment Initial
TSO-C151c C151c Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) Rev. 2
TSO-C154c C154c Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Equipment Operating on the Frequency of 978 MHz Rev. 1
TSO-C155a C155a Recorder Independent Power Supply Rev. 1
TSO-C157a C157a Aircraft Flight Information Services-Broadcast (FIS-B) Data Link Systems and Equipment Rev. 1
TSO-C158 C158 Aeronautical Mobile High Frequency Data Link (HFDL) Equipment Rev. 1
TSO-C159a C159a Avionics Supporting Next Generation Satellite Systems (NGSS) = Iridium Phone Rev. 1
TSO-C159b C159b Next Generation Satellite Systems (NGSS) equipment   Rev. 2
TSO-C160a C160a VDL Mode 2 Communications Equipment Rev. 1
TSO-C161a C161a Ground Based Augmentation System Positioning and Navigation Equipment Rev. 1
TSO-C162a C162a Ground Based Augmentation System Very High Frequency Data Broadcast Equipment Rev. 1
TSO-C164 C164 Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Rev. 1
TSO-C165 C165 Electronic Map Display Equipment for Graphical Depiction of Aircraft Position Initial
TSO-C166b C166b Extended Squitter Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (TIS-B) Equipment Operating on the Radio Frequency of 1090 Megahertz (MHz) Rev. 1
TSO-C166b C166b A2 Extended Squitter Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) and Traffic Information Services-Broadcast (TIS-B) Equipment Operating on the Radio Frequency of 1090 Megahertz (MHz) Rev. 2
TSO-C170 C170 High Frequency (HF) Radio Communications Transceiver Equipment Operating Within the Radio Frequency 1.5 to 30 Megahertz Rev. 1
TSO-C172 C172 Cargo Restraint Strap Assemblies Rev. 1
TSO-C173 C173 Nickel-Cadmium and Lead-Acid Batteries Initial
TSO-C173a C173a Nickel-Cadmium and Lead-Acid Batteries Rev. 2
TSO-C174 C174 Battery Based Emergency Power Unit (BEPU) Initial
TSO-C175 C175 Galley Cart, Containers and Associated Components Initial
TSO-C176 C176 Aircraft Cockpit Image Recorder Systems Initial
TSO-C177 C177 Data Link Recorder Systems Initial
TSO-C178 C178 Single Phase 115 VAC, 400 Hz Arc Fault Circuit Breakers Rev. 1
TSO-C179a C179a Rechargeable Lithium Cells and Lithium Batteries Rev. 1
TSO-C184 C184 Galley Equipment Rev. 1
TSO-C190 C190 Active Airborne Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Antenna Initial
TSO-C194 C194 Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) Rev. 1
TSO-C195a C195a Avionics Supporting Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Aircraft Surveillance Rev. 1
TSO-C196a C196a Airborne Supplemental Navigation Sensors for Global Positioning System Equipment Using Aircraft-Based Augmentation Rev. 1
TSO-C198 C198 Automatic Flight Guidance and Control System (AFGCS) Equipment Rev. 1
TSO-C201 C201 Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) Rev. 2
2C500a 2C500a Combined ILS/MLS Airborne Receiving Equipment Rev. 2
2C501 2C501 Mode S Aircraft Data Link Processor Rev. 2
2C502 2C502 Helicopter Crew and Passenger Integrated Immersion Suits Rev. 2
2C503 2C503 Helicopter Crew and Passenger Immersion Suits for Operations to or from Helidesks Located in a Hostile Sea Area Rev. 2
2C504 2C504 Helicopter Constant-Wear Lifejackets for Operations to or from Helidesks Located in a Hostile Sea Area Rev. 2
2C505 2C505 Helicopter Liferafts for Operations to and from Helidecks Located in a Hostile Sea Area Rev. 2
2C509 2C509 Light Aviation Secondary Surveillance Transponders (LAST) Rev. 2
2C512 2C512 Portable Gaseous Oxygen Supply (PGOS) Rev. 2
2C513 2C513 Tow Release Rev. 2
2C514 2C514 Airborne Systems for Non-Required Telecommunication Services (in Non-Aeronautical Frequency Bands) (ASNRT) Rev. 2


  1. This list may be amended by mutual consent of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA). The amendments will be summarized in a Record of Amendment attached to this List. Such amendments shall be made effective by the signature of the persons responsible for the administration of this List, as identified in Section II of this document, or their duly authorized representatives.
  2. There may be cases where a ETSO is already adopted, or in the process of being adopted by EASA in CS-ETSO and TCCA in AWM Chapter 537 but is not yet on the Common List. If a situation warrants an interim action, EASA and TCCA may agree to recognize and adopt in writing the candidate TSO in advance of the formal inclusion to this List.


As of Revision 1 of the Common List, some ETSOs are listed with various revision letters e.g. C90c and C90d. For purposes of granting an initial design approval, the latest revision of a standard (C90d) applies. The earlier ETSO revisions (C90c) are still accepted, but only for appliances and parts already approved and in production.


Reciprocal acceptance of ETSO or CAN-TSO approvals is recognition that the appliance or part meets minimum performance standards that are common to EASA and TCCA. Where a ETSO appliance or part accepted under this Common List includes non-TSO functions, these functions are accepted on the basis of non-interference, meaning the non-TSO functions do not interfere with functionality of the appliance and/or its ability to comply with the minimum performance standards specified in the ETSO.


EASA and TCCA recognize that the acceptance of the ETSO or CAN-TSO appliance or part does not constitute an approval for installation or operational use of that appliance or part on the aircraft. ETSO parts and appliances, including any non-TSO functions integrated in the ETSO part or appliance must have separate approval to show compliance with the Importing Party airworthiness and/or operational requirements for installation in, or use on, an aircraft.


When either Competent Authority grants its ETSOA or CAN-TSO design approval based on a common TSO the other Competent Authority shall automatically accept that approval as equivalent to having granted and issued its own approval. Based on this reciprocal acceptance of ETSOA or CAN-TSO design approval, neither EASA nor TCCA shall accept an application from the other for approval of a ETSO appliance or part where such approval has already been issued under their authority.


The Joint Sectorial Committee on Certification approves this List of Common Technical Standard Orders, as indicated by the signatures of its duly authorized representatives.


Original signed by:

Robert Sincennes
Title: Director, Standards


Original signed by:

Trevor Woods
Title: Certification Director

Date 12 September 2016
Date 12 September 2016


Initial Version dated 20 September 2011
The following standards were part of the initial version of the common list:
C2d, C4c, C6e, C7d, C8e, C10b, C13f, C14b, C15d, C16a, C22g, C25a, C28, C30c, C39c, C43c, C44c, C45b, C47a, C53a, C56b, C69c, C71, C72c, C73, C79, C80, C90c, C92c, C96a, C100b, C101, C102, C103, C105, C109, C110a, C113, C114, C117a, C118, C119c, C123b, C124b, C127a, C129a, C132, C135a, C139, C141, C142a, C144a, C145c, C146c, C147, C165, C173, C174, C175, C176, C177, C190

Revision 1 dated 07 October 2013
With Revision 1 the following standards were added to the common list:
C55a, C62e, C90d, C95a, C112d, C115c, C121b, C126a, C154c, C155a, C157a, C158, C159a, C160a, C161a, C162a, C164, C166b, C170, C172, C178, C179a, C184, C194, C195a, C196a, C198
In addition some further explanations were included in the new section III, IV and V while the former section III became section VI.

Revision 2 dated 14 September 2015
The “Title” column was relabelled “Subject” as there are some differences between the actual Titles of the ETSO and CAN-TSO design standards (MPS).
With Revision 2 the following standards were added to the common list:
C3e, C5f, C70b, C76b, C88b, C89a, C90d A1, C99a, C100c, C112e, C113a, C116a, C119d, C126b, C127b, C139a, C151c, C159b, C166b A2, C173a, C201, 2C500a, 2C501, 2C502, 2C503, 2C504, 2C505, 2C509, 2C512, 2C513, 2C514
In addition, a new Section VI was added to highlight a principle related to reciprocal acceptance, previous Section VI – Authority was bumped down to become Section VII.

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