Registering your drone: Manage registration

Change of address

You must update your account settings through the Drone Management Portal if your personal information ever changes.

How to deregister your drone

You must deregister your drone if you:

  • lose it
  • damage it beyond repair
  • transfer its ownership

Pilots can deregister their drone through the Drone Management Portal.

Deregister your drone

How to transfer ownership of your drone

If you transfer ownership of your drone, you must deregister your drone from your account.

Do not remove the registration marking from your drone after deregistering it from your account. A drone’s registration number remains the same even if it is transferred to someone else.

After you have deregistered your drone, the new owner will be able to register it to their account. New owners must use the drone’s original registration number.

New owners must pay a $5 non-refundable fee to register the drone.

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