Licensing for pilots and personnel

Applying for licences, permits and ratings, flight school training, aviation document booklet, language proficiency.

Services and information

Apply for an aviation document booklet

Aviation document booklet application process.

Update or renew your aviation document booklet

How to update or renew your aviation document booklet.

Getting trained as a pilot or crew member

Flying schools, approved flight training units, aircraft simulators, flight training devices, flight test guides.

Flight crew licences, permits and ratings

Licence, permit and rating application forms and process, licensing offices.

Flight crew examinations

Exam centres, study and reference guides, logins for computer-delivered exams, approved computers.

Staying current and proficient as a pilot

Skill development, continual training.

Getting an aviation language proficiency assessment

Preparation for the aviation language proficiency test, search for approved examiners.

Licensing for foreign pilots

Licensing requirements for commercial and recreational pilots from foreign countries.

Converting to a U.S. or Canadian pilot licence

Conversion of a Federal Aviation Administration certificate to a Transport Canada Civil Aviation licence, or vice versa.

Aircraft type designation

Aircraft type designators, aircraft differences training.

Co-pilot flight time criteria

Co-pilot flight time credits towards pilot licences.

Multi-crew pilot licensing

Multi-crew pilot licence privileges and restrictions, training manuals.

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