Aerodrome Safety Circular (ASC) No. 98-004I

ASC 98-004


Evaluation of the Efficacy of Products and Techniques for Airport Bird Control


This Aerodrome Safety Information Circular is being issued in order to provide Canadian Aerodrome operators with a report assessing the efficacy of the many products and techniques that are currently being used in Canada for airport bird control.


Ever since the recognition that birds are a serious hazard to aircraft operations, there has been considerable interest in techniques and products that could control this hazard. Greater numbers of aircraft movements combined with the development of larger, faster, and quieter turbine powered aircraft has increased the risk associated with bird strikes. Many techniques and types of equipment have been used in the past to control birds at airports and other facilities. There is much first hand experience with this equipment and techniques, but most of it is unpublished and not readily available. Consequently, resources are often wasted by airport operators who use products or techniques that are not entirely effective. Transport Canada recognized the need for a critical analysis of all available and proposed equipment and techniques for airport bird control, and subsequently contracted a study to provide this analysis.


The attached report is designed to complement the existing "Wildlife Control Procedures Manual" (TP11500), which is available from Transport Canada. The report provides information on the efficacy of the various control methods listed in the manual, and on additional products and techniques. The reviews and evaluations contained in the report focus on measures that can be used at airports and surrounding areas, but do not include on-board aircraft systems. A brief description of each type of equipment and its use is provided, together with a summary review of tests or experiments that have been conducted. A critical evaluation of the efficacy of each technique and type of equipment follows.

There is no simple, stand-alone solution to bird control at airports. The best control programs employ a variety of products and techniques. Ultimately, management commitment is the driving force determining the success of an airport bird control program. This is reflected in a trained and motivated field staff, and an adequate supply of appropriate and well-maintained control products.

In order to obtain additional information on this report, or other issues related to wildlife control at airports, please contact:

Civil Aviation
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330 Sparks Street
Ottawa ON
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The report is also available in French.

Original signed by:
Harvey Layden (1998.11.19)
Director, Aerodrome Safety

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