Aerodrome Safety Circular (ASC) No. 2001-012

ASC 2001-012


Runway Incursion Initiatives:

  • Taxi-holding position marking exemption
  • Vehicle dash label; and
  • Regulatory amendments


The purpose of this Circular is to advise airport operators of recent initiatives undertaken by Transport Canada (TC) in an effort to reduce the frequency of runway incursions.

The exemption allows airport operators the option of installing taxi-holding position markings that are double in width. Please contact your regional Aerodrome Safety office for more information on this exemption.

The vehicle dash label provides airside vehicle operators with a quick reference for the interpretation of airport signage and markings.


Aviation safety occurrences involving runway incursions have been increasing over the past few years at Canadian airports. In 1999, Transport Canada created a sub-committee on runway incursions to analyze the data, study the phenomenon and make recommendations. During the same period, NAV CANADA conducted a similar but parallel study. These studies, along with others recently conducted in the U.S., note that the average increase in incursions exceeds the actual increase in traffic level over the past few years. Furthermore, the number and frequency of commercial passenger-carrying flights are forecast to increase over the long term, which will increase the level of activity on airside areas and the potential for runway incursions.

In April 2001, TC and NAV CANADA officials met to finalize a plan to address the recommendations from both reports, many of which are similar. It was also decided to form a joint TC/NAV CANADA team called the Incursion Prevention Action Team (IPAT), whose mandate is to oversee the implementation of the recommendations contained in both reports.

In keeping with the recommendations of the TC and NAV CANADA reports, TC has undertaken initiatives in three major areas:

  1. Regulatory initiatives
  2. Further evaluation and research; and
  3. Awareness and education

Aerodrome Safety has initiated the following actions in the above-noted areas. These actions will be presented to the Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Committee (CARAC) Part III Technical Committee in the upcoming months.

Strengthening of regulatory requirements for the following:

  • Aerodrome signage, lighting and marking;
  • Procedures for access and control of Vehicles;
  • Visibility of taxi-holding position markings; and
  • Land and hold short operations (LAHSO).

There are also ongoing projects relating to the evaluation and research of automated runway warning systems and the enhancement of paint markings.

Safety awareness material, such as the attached vehicle dash sticker, is being produced. Transport Canada is making available, at no charge, a limited quantity of these stickers for distribution to airport operators. All requests for additional stickers should be directed to your Aerodrome Safety Regional office. This material is also available for download on the Transport Canada internet site. In addition, presentations and briefings at various industry functions are expected to begin this fall.

Transport Canada is committed to continued proactive action on this issue and has identified runway incursions as one of the top safety concerns. These initiatives are only part of a multi-pronged approach, which includes other branches within TC and external agencies, such as NAV CANADA.


It is the view of the Transport Canada, Aerodrome Safety Branch, that these initiatives will provide airport operators with good measures to mitigate the frequency of runway incursions. Transport Canada encourages airport operators to implement these initiatives as a proactive measure to reduce the frequency of runway incursions.

Other new initiatives to reduce the frequency of runway incursions may be addressed in the future development of part 302 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and standard 322 of the CARs.


We hope that airport operators will implement these initiatives as a measure to increase the visibility of taxi-holding position markings for ground traffic and vehicle operator incursion awareness in an effort to reduce the occurrence of runway incursions and the probability of an incursion-related accident.

Periodically, Aerodrome Safety will update this Circular to advise air operators of the current status of initiatives taken and to inform them of any new initiatives planned.

For more information on this issue, contact your regional Aerodrome Safety office or visit the Civil Aviation Communication Centre's Web site at or call 1-800-305-2059.

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Original signed by:
John Maxwell (2001.10.02)
Director, Aerodrome Safety

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