Aerodrome Safety Functional Directive (ASD) No. 2002-008

ASD 2002-008


Implementation of new or amended noise abatement procedures.


The purpose of this directive is to introduce the new Noise Abatement Checklist, the completion of which is now required to implement new or amended noise abatement procedures and noise control measures made pursuant to CAR 602.105, at airports and aerodromes.


In response to concerns expressed over the application of the Noise Abatement Checklist contained in Section RAC 4.1.2 of the Aeronautical Information Publication Canada, a multi-disciplinary working group composed of representation from Federal government departments, NavCanada, the Air Transport Association of Canada, the Canadian Business Aircraft Association, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Canadian Airports Council and individual airport operators was formed to review the entire noise abatement procedure implementation process.

This Working Group, operating under the aegis of the Aircraft Noise and Emissions Committee (ANEC), developed and agreed to a revised process that will ensure full consultation with all stakeholders, that all necessary information is collected and that decisions are made in an informed, fair, participative and transparent manner prior to the implementation of new or changes to the noise abatement procedures at an airport or aerodrome.


This Directive rescinds Aerodrome Safety Directive ASD 2000-002 dated September 15, 2000.


This Directive applies to new or amendments to existing noise abatement procedures made pursuant to Canadian Aviation Regulation 602.105 authority.

The process described in the attached document shall be applied when new or amendments to an aerodrome’s or airport’s noise abatement procedures are proposed.

Proposals will not be processed by the ANEC unless they are completed as outlined in the attached and contain the Regional Aerodrome Safety recommendation.

When Regional Aerodrome Safety staff is formulating recommendations to Headquarters on a noise abatement proposal, Civil Aviation Directive #1 should be consulted in developing any public interest aspects of the recommendation.

This information will be contained in the Aeronautical Information Publication Canada.


Implementation of new or amended noise abatement procedures made pursuant to Canadian Aviation Regulation 602.105 must be the subject of consultation with all affected parties.

The enclosed procedure defines the consultation subjects and lists the affected parties that must participate in the implementation process.

The requirement for use of this process is effective with the issuance of this Aerodrome Safety Directive.


Original signed by:
Robert J. Shuter (2002.11.26)
Acting Director, Aerodrome Safety

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