Airworthiness Staff Instructions (ASI) No. 42

Airworthiness Inspection Representatives

James A. Torck
Director, Airworthiness Branch

Table of Contents 

1.0 Introduction   
2.0 Purpose   
3.0 Reference
4.0 Application Review
5.0 Interview 
6.0 Training
7.0 Issue of a Delegation
8.0 Forms & Fees
9.0 Records
10.0 Surveillance
11.0 Termination


A. Application for Airworthiness Inspection Respresentative

B. A.I.R. Identification Card

C. A.I.R. Rubber Stamp

1.0 Introduction

1.1 The Aeronautics Act, paragraph 4.3(1), states that "the Minister may authorize members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or any other person to exercise or perform, subject to such restrictions or limitations as the Minister may specify, any of the powers, duties or functions of the Minister under this Part...".  Delegation of Authority Document No. 128390, dated 15 December 1986, constitutes the administrative means by which ministerial powers, duties or functions are delegated to Airworthiness Inspection Representatives (AIRs).

1.2 Schedule 8 of Delegation of Authority Document No. 128390, as amended 8 January 1992, increases the scope of the delegation of authority to allow AIRs to not only certify the airworthiness of certain aeronautical products being exported, but to issue Certificates of Airworthiness and Certificates of Airworthiness for Export for newly manufactured aircraft.

1.3 Airworthiness Manual Subchapter 505D prescribes the conditions under which the Minister may authorize a person to act on his behalf as an Airworthiness Inspection Representative.

2.0 Purpose

2.1 The purpose of this ASI is to provide procedural guidelines associated with the issuance of a delegation of authority to AIRs.

3.0 References

  • Delegation of Authority Document Number 128390;
  • Airworthiness Manual (AWM) Subchapter 505D and associated advisory;
  • Airworthiness Manual Subchapters 507B and 507D, and associated advisories.

4.0 Application Review

4.1 Applications received (see Appendix A) for AIR delegation of authority are to be reviewed against the requirements of AWM section 505.305. Particular attention must be given during the evaluation of the application to the scope of delegation requested.  The experience and knowledge of the candidate must be commensurate with the requested delegation.

5.0 Interview

5.1 The purpose of the interview is to verify the extent of the knowledge of the regulations and requirements with respect to certification of an aircraft and export certification of aeronautical products, including a newly manufactured aircraft.

5.2 During the course of the interview, the candidate is to be briefed regarding the duties and responsibilities of an AIR.  The interview must show that the candidate is fully cognizant with the quality management system of the approved organization where he is employed.

5.3 Once a candidate has been found to meet the conditions of an AIR delegation of authority, the airworthiness inspector who has conducted the interview shall make a recommendation to the Regional Director, Airworthiness, who, in turn, shall inform the candidate and his employer of his acceptability.  The RDA should also indicate to the candidate and his employer that the formal delegation of authority will be granted following an initial training session to be provided by the regional/district office personnel.

6.0 Training

6.1 All candidates who have been recommended to receive an Air ministerial delegation of authority are to be provided with formal training prior to the issue of the delegation.

6.2 A training program package (10 hours) has been prepared by ABM and is available upon request to the regional/district offices.  This package is composed of a lesson plan and a reference handbook which cover all the aspects of aeronautical product certification for flight(s) and export.

7.0 Issue of a Delegation

7.1 Once an AIR delegate has completed the initial training session, he shall be issued with a personal AIR identification card (Form 24-0035 Appendix B) and a rubber stamp, both of which shall show the AIR's identification number (See Appendix C).

7.2 The delegation of authority may comprise paragraphs 1 to 4 of Schedule 8 of Delegation of Authority Document No. 128390, in the case of a full delegation, or paragraphs 3 and 4 only, in the case of a limited/restricted delegation of authority.  The scope of the delegation must be clearly indicated on the identification card, i.e., (Schedule) 8, paragraphs 1, 2, 3 & 4, or (Schedule) 8, paragraphs 3 & 4.

7.3 The AIR's identification number to be assigned by each region shall consist of three digits prefixed by the first letter of the geographical location of the region of issue, i.e., "P" Pacific, "W" Western, "C" Central, "O" Ontario, "Q" Quebec and "A" Atlantic.

7.4 The AIR stamp design should be as per the example provided in Appendix C.  The stamp shall indicate the AIR's identification number.  The purchase of the stamp is the responsibility of the regional/district offices.

7.5 Once a delegation has been formally issued, the regional office shall inform ABM of the name of the AIR, name and address of the approved organization/employer, the AIR's identification number and the scope of his delegation.

8.0 Forms & Fees

8.1 AIRs are to be provided with instructions concerning the availability of required forms and other stationary supplies, and the names and telephone numbers of the persons the AIR should contact for advice or assistance.

8.2 AIRs should be instructed with respect to fees which have to be remitted with applications for a certificate of airworthiness and certificate of airworthiness for export for a newly manufactured aircraft, pursuant to Air Regulations Section 820, Schedule 1.

8.3 AIRs are to be informed that where Certificate of Airworthiness for Export Tags (Form 24-0025) are issued, applications and remittance of fees are not required.

9.0 Records

9.1 Record keeping is a prime responsibility of AIRs in the performance of their duties (See AWM Chapter 505.311 for further details).  They are to be instructed with respect to the nature of records to be kept and the disposal of those records.

9.2 The AIR records may take the form of a simple register or computer records.  However, AIRs shall be advised that, regardless of the method used, records must be kept in such a way that they can be examined or removed at any time, at the discretion of the Minister.

10.0 Surveillance

10.1 A file shall be kept on each AIR within the Region.  This file shall contain the application form, results of the interview, training and surveillance records as well as any other pertinent information.

10.2 RDAs are responsible for the supervision of all AIRs under their jurisdiction; and to ensure that Regional Office personnel are assigned to conduct random inspections of the AIR files, including the AIR certified products.  A newly delegated AIR shall have his activities assessed at least once during the first 3 months of employment and once every 6 months thereafter.

11.0 Termination

11.1 An AIR delegation of authority may be terminated without cause by the Minister, or at the request of the approved organization or the AIR.  In all cases, the RDA shall ensure that the AIR records, the inspection stamp and personal identification card are returned to the Department.

11.2 Upon the termination of an AIR delegation of authority, the RDA shall inform ABM of such action.

11.3 Following an AIR termination of delegation, the AIR stamp should not be re-issued to another person for a period of at least 6 months, and then, only outside the previous approved organization, in order to prevent any problems with respect to the identification of persons, i.e., former versus present AIR.

Appendix A - Application for Airworthiness Inspection Representative

1.    NAME (last, first, middle) 3.  DATE OF BIRTH
4.    Employer's Name
5.    Primary Business
6.    Position - Title
FROM    TO    
                Licence No./                                   Category/ Endorsements
9.    EMPLOYER'S RECOMMENDATION        I recommend the person Identified above be authorized as an AIR.        Date _________________     Title __________________________________     Signature ______________________
10.  CERTIFICATION:    I certify that the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge and that I am familiar with the DOT Regulations pertinent to the delegation of authority sought.  I agree to accept the delegation of authority should my candidature be found acceptable. Date _________________                                                  Signature ______________________
11.  DOT REGIONAL OFFICE RECOMMENDATION:     The request has been reviewed and found acceptable.  The nominee has received all pertinent Instructions and I recommend AIR delegation of authority.  _________________    ______________________________
 Date                           Interviewer

Appendix B - Air Identification Card

Airworthiness Inspection Representative

Appendix C - Air Stamp Shall Indicate the Air's Identification Number

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