Maintenance and Manufacturing Staff Instructions (MSI) No. 53: Appendix C

Appendix C - TCCA / FAA liasion procedures

The following procedures apply when dealing with supplemental ICA for products moving from Canada to the USA. These procedures are subject to review and improvement as experience is gained.

  • Reviewer completes evaluation of proposed Supplemental ICA in accordance with this MSI, and makes a finding of acceptability.
  • The complete design change, including the completed Statement of Compliance Check Sheet, is forwarded to FAA NYACO.
  • The FAA NYACO will forward the supplemental ICA sent to the applicable FAA-AEG for their review.
  • During the review, FAA AEG will interface directly with the applicant, using the contact information on the Statement of Compliance Check Sheet).
  • The FAA-AEG will be copy the TCCA Superintendent, Aircraft Evaluation Section (AARPG), the applicable TCCA Regional Office, and the NYACO on all correspondence.
  • The applicable FAA-AEG will notify the NYACO of the final acceptance of the supplemental ICA.
  • The NYACO will then notify TCCA (Aircraft Certification and Aircraft Evaluation Divisions) and the applicant.

No special process is currently in place in respect of supplemental ICA for products moving from the USA to Canada. However, any problems noted with Supplemental ICAs originating in the USA should be brought to the attention of the TCCA Superintendent, Aircraft Evaluation Section (AARPG), who will liase with the applicable FAA-AEG and the NYACO to resolve the problem.

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