Marine pollution and environmental response

Ballast water, marine spills, tanker safety requirements, reporting marine pollution, abandoned boats.

Services and information

Managing ballast water

The Canadian Ballast Water Program, environmental impacts of ballast water, treatment and management, public education and outreach.

Environmental response to marine spills

Oil spill preparedness and response, aerial surveillance, hazardous and noxious substances response, advisory councils.

Environmental emergencies - who to call

Telephone numbers (available 24 hours) for any kind of pollution incident.

Vessel safety, spill prevention and response

Oil tanker safety statistics, oil spill prevention measures, risk assessment, response, liability, compensation, port protection.

Permit for disposal at sea

Permit system, control disposal of waste into the ocean, protect the marine environment.

Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels

Impact of abandoned boats, what to do if you find one, Abandoned Boats Program (ABP).

Apply for Abandoned Boat Program -A&R funding

How to apply for assessments and removals (A&R) funding.

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