Apply for RSIP-ITR funding

The call for proposals for infrastructure, technology and research (ITR) projects starting in 2019-20 is closed.

We are currently accepting applications for ITR projects starting in 2020-2021. The deadline for applications is August 1, 2019.


The ITR component of the Rail Safety Improvement Program (RSIP) funds rail safety improvements:

  • along rail lines
  • on rail property under federal and provincial jurisdiction

Funding is also available for researching, testing and developing technology to enhance the safety of rail line infrastructure.

Eligibility for funding

Eligible recipients include:

  • provinces, territories, municipalities, and local governments
  • road and transit authorities
  • Crown Corporations
  • for-profit and not-for-profit organizations
  • Indigenous groups, communities and organizations
  • individuals

Eligible projects

Your project is eligible for this funding if it aims to:

  • address rail line safety issues
  • reduce the number of injuries and deaths from accidents along rail lines and on rail property

For example, we will consider these types of projects:

  • safety improvements on rail property and along rail lines, including:
    • replacing incandescent lights with light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
    • installing flashing lights, bells, and/or gates
    • separating railway crossing grades
  • use of innovative technologies, including:
    • detection technologies:
      • acoustic train sensors
      • positive train control technologies
      • wheel-impact load detectors
      • kinetic energy captures
    • onboard data recorders, including wireless status recorders for active warning systems
    • communications protocols (for example, WiFi)
    • connected Rail
  • research related to:
    • restricting pedestrian access
    • blocked crossings
  • closures of crossings

For more examples, see the Applicant's Guide.

Funding information

Depending on the nature of your project, grants and contributions are available on an annual or multi-year basis.

The percentage of federal funding to be provided under RSIP will be based on the type of recipient, as follows:

  • Via Rail and for-profit organizations: up to 50% of total eligible expenditures for any one project
  • All other recipients: up to 80 % of total eligible expenditures for any one project

For grade crossing closures, the maximum grant amount payable is

  • $25,000 for a public crossing
  • $6,000 for a private crossing

For all other categories,

  • The maximum contribution amount payable per recipient shall not exceed $10,000,000 per fiscal yearFootnote *
  • The maximum grant amount payable shall not exceed $500,000 per project

The maximum level of total government funding (municipal, provincial, territorial and federal) should not exceed 100% of total eligible expenditures.

What you need to know before you start

  • Your application must be complete, accurate, and comprehensive
  • Read the Applicant's Guide in full before you apply

How to apply

To apply for funding:

  1. Create your application using the application form that best matches your project as described in the Applicant's Guide.

  2. Submit your application electronically or by mail.

    By email:

    Mailing address:

    Rail Safety Improvement Program – Infrastructure, Technology and Research Component
    Transport Canada
    330 Sparks Street, Place de Ville – Tower C (AHS)
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0N5

We will confirm receipt of all application packages.

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