Safety recalls for vehicles, tires and child car seats

A manufacturer issues a recall notice when they find a safety problem in a vehicle, tire or child car seat.

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Where can I find out about recalls

To find out about recalls affecting your vehicle, tires or child car seat:

What is a safety recall

When a manufacturer finds a safety-related defect in a vehicle, tire or child car seat, or when a product does not comply with the safety standards, the manufacturer must issue a Notice of Defect or Notice of Non-Compliance.

The safety recall notice from the manufacturer includes:

  • a description of the issue and the safety risk
  • steps you have to follow to fix the problem

You are responsible for making sure that all recall repairs are done on your vehicle, tires or child car seat. If you do not repair a safety recall, it puts you, your passengers and other road users at risk. Usually, the manufacturer will make these repairs free of charge.

Read about the importance of having recalled vehicles repaired.

Contact the Defect Investigations and Recalls Division

If you think your vehicle, tires or child car seat are subject to a recall and you need more information, contact us:


1-800-333-0510 (toll-free in Canada)
819-420-4300 (Gatineau-Ottawa area or internationally)

Our telephone service is available Monday-Friday, 8:30-a.m.-4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard or Daylight Saving Time. Outside hours of service, you can leave a message and we will return your call the next business day.

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