Visitors, tourists and temporary residents entering Canada with foreign owned vehicles

As a visitor or temporary resident, you can bring a vehicle into Canada for your own use.

Under Section 7(1)(b) of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA), a motor vehicle may be admitted temporarily into Canada without complying with the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations if it is to be used exclusively by a person entering Canada as a visitor or a person passing through Canada to another country.

Persons entering under a work permit or student visa are also considered as visitors for the application of this section of the MVSA. Any change in the status of the person entering the vehicle may invalidate the use of this section of the MVSA. The vehicle cannot be sold or otherwise disposed of while in Canada and cannot remain in Canada for a period longer than the time constraints listed on the work permit, student visa or any other Canadian customs documents.

Note: Once these time limits are exceeded, the vehicle no longer qualifies for temporary entry under the MVSA and must be exported.

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