2013-2018 Ford Explorer and Police Interceptor Utility
Rear Suspension Failures Due to Improperly Installed Aftermarket Bushings

Motor Vehicle Safety
Information: 1-800-333-0510

TP 14665 E
Vehicle Safety Advisory
V 2020-01 E
April 2020

Vehicles Affected:

2013-2018 Ford Explorer and Police Interceptor Utility vehicles that had a rear suspension bushing replaced using Dorman Products part number 905-531.


During a service repair, an aftermarket bushing may have been installed improperly. As a result, the rear suspension could fail without warning. This can result in a loss of control that could cause a crash or rollover.

Photo 1: The improperly installed Dorman bushing does not rotate properly. This can cause the toe link to bend and break.


Dorman Products bushing part number 905-531 is an aftermarket replacement part. It replaces the rear upper bushing in the rear suspension knuckle. This is the attachment point for the upper control arm. It is designed to be installed in this location only.

Transport Canada has found that this bushing may have been installed in the wrong location, where the toe link attaches. This can cause a failure of the rear toe link. The replacement bushing should never be installed in this location.

Photo 2: Diagram indicating correct bushing location (courtesy of Dorman Products)

What you should do:

If you had repairs performed on the rear suspension of your 2013-2018 Ford Explorer or Police Interceptor Utility, which may have involved the installation of this bushing, you should have your vehicle inspected at a Ford dealership. If a replacement bushing is installed in the incorrect location, Ford recommends replacement of the rear knuckle.

Transport Canada is issuing this important safety advisory, as aftermarket parts are not regulated under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act. You should act immediately if this part was installed on your vehicle.


If you have questions or concerns, or if you have experienced a rear suspension failure, please contact Transport Canada’s Defect Investigations Section at 1-800-333-0510.

Additional contact information:

Dorman Products Customer Service: 1-800-523-2492
Ford Customer Relationship Centre: 1-888-222-7814

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