Apply for a transportation security clearance

If you require access to a restricted area of a designated airport or marine port in Canada, you must apply for a clearance through the Transportation Security Clearance Program.

What you need to know before you start

  1. The application may take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
  2. This application must be completed in a single session. You can’t save it and complete it later.
  3. You can print the form by clicking “Print Blank Form.” However, you must submit your application electronically.
  4. You’ll need to print one or more pages. Please be sure to have a printer available.
  5. Gather all of the following information before you start:
    1. Your identification:
      1. name changes
      2. birth place
      3. birth certificate
    2. Your activities for the last 5 years:
      1. residential addresses*
      2. education
      3. employers
    3. addresses and countries you visited**Information about current and previous spouses for the last 5 years (if applicable):
      1. address
      2. place of birth
      3. birth certificate
  6. *If you didn’t have a fixed address during the past 5 years, write “No fixed address” in the Street Name field. Indicate at least 1 city and the country you were in during this time. Attach any additional information (other cities or countries, explanation of travel) to your application on a blank sheet of paper.

    **Applies if you were out of the country for more than 90 cumulative days (that is, more than 90 days in total, not 90 consecutive days). If so, complete Part C, questions 35, 36 and 37, and Part E. For more information, please consult the Guideline for transportation security clearance (TSC) applications with extended out-of-country (OOC) implications.

  7. Marine applicants only: fill in the Applicant Pass ID field. Marine ports identify applicants by Pass ID.
  8. You can complete non-mandatory sections of the printed application form by hand afterwards.

After you submit your application, print and sign the form. To finish applying, you’ll need to have your sponsor/employer sign the form, then bring it to the pass control office of the airport or port where you require access. Contact the office before you go as you may need an appointment.

In addition to your form, you’ll be required to provide:

  • valid photo identification issued by a government office
  • a copy of your fingerprints (taken at the pass control office)
  • a photograph of yourself (taken at the pass control office)
  • a summary page

Processing your application

We can’t process your application unless you complete all mandatory fields. You must apply online as well as in person for us to begin the clearance process.

We’ll notify the pass control office as soon as your transportation security clearance has been completed.

If you have any questions related to your job, restricted area identity card or clearance status, contact the pass control office.

Apply now

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