Airworthiness Manual Chapter 537 - Airworthiness Standards Appliances

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) - 2019-1


(amended 2009/12/01)

537.101 General

This subchapter specifies the Canadian Technical Standard Orders (CAN-TSOs) that are the minimum performance standards (MPS) for the issuance of, or a change to, a Canadian Technical Standard Order (CAN-TSO) design approval in respect of an appliance or a part.
(effective 2015/08/04)

537.103 Canadian Technical Standard Orders

(effective 2015/08/04)

  1. (a) The Canadian Technical Standard Orders (CAN-TSOs) consist of those Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Technical Standard Orders (FAA-TSOs), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) European Technical Standard Orders (ETSOs) and those unique Canadian CAN-TSOs that are adopted by the Minister, using the simplified process for the amendment of the design standards of airworthiness, as set out in the CARAC Management Charter and Procedures, and are identified with a corresponding CAN-TSO number as follows:
    (effective 2015/08/04)
    1. (1) Index 1 of Appendix A to this Chapter consists of those CAN-TSOs identical to those used by the FAA and using the same numbering.
      (effective 2015/08/04)
    2. (2) Index 2 of Appendix A to this Chapter consists of those CAN-TSOs identical to those used by EASA, as listed in CS-ETSO Subpart B Index 2, only for those Index 2 ETSOs where an FAA-TSO does not exist for a particular application (i.e. ETSO-2C5XX series), and using the same numbering.
      (effective 2015/08/04)

      Information Note: The applicant for and user of an Index 2 CAN-TSO is encouraged to confirm its suitability for use in meeting any applicable design, installation and/or operating rules.
      (effective 2017/11/25)

    3. (3) Index 3 of Appendix A to this Chapter consists of those CAN-TSOs that have been developed by the Minister and issued pursuant to paragraph 521.106(b) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, where these CAN-TSOs are not technically similar to either FAA-TSOs or ETSOs and will be numbered as follows:
      (effective 2015/08/04)
      1. (i) CAN-TSO-3CXXX, in which the 3 denotes that it is from Index 3.

        Information Note: CAN-TSO-3C7XX series denotes CAN-TSOs for which neither an FAA-TSO nor an ETSO exists for a particular application.

  2. (b) Where a CAN-TSO is identified with an end-of-effectivity date, applications for CAN-TSO design approvals with respect to these standards will no longer be accepted after that date.
    (effective 2015/08/04)

    Information Note: CAN-TSO design approvals issued with respect to previous CAN-TSO standards may still be manufactured under the provisions, and subject to the continued validity, of their existing CAR 561 manufacturer approval.

(Change 537-1 (89-03-01))
(Change 537-2 (92-02-03))
(Change 537-3 (93-12-30))
(Change 537-4 (98-10-29))


List of Canadian Technical Standard Orders (Index 1, Index 2 and Index 3)

(effective: 2017/11/25)

Index 1


CAN-TSO-C1e Cargo Compartment Fire Detection Instruments TSO-C1e

CAN-TSO-C2d Airspeed Instruments TSO-C2d

CAN-TSO-C3e Turn and slip Instrument TSO-C3e

CAN-TSO-C4c Bank and Pitch Instruments TSO-C4c

CAN-TSO-C5f Direction Instrument, Non-magnetic
(Gyroscopically Stabilized)

CAN-TSO-C6e Direction Instrument, Magnetic (Gyroscopically-Stabilized) TSO-C6e

CAN-TSO-C7d Direction Instrument, Magnetic Non-Stabilized Type (Magnetic Compass) TSO-C7d

CAN-TSO-C8e Vertical Velocity Instruments (Rate-of-Climb) TSO-C8e

CAN-TSO-C10b Altimeter, Pressure Actuated, Sensitive Type TSO-C10b


Pressure Altimeter System


CAN-TSO-C11e Powerplant Fire Detection Instruments (Thermal and Flame Contact Types) TSO-C11e

CAN-TSO-C13f Life Preservers TSO-C13f
CAN-TSO-C13g Life Preservers TSO-C13g

CAN-TSO-C14b Aircraft Fabric, Intermediate Grade TSO-C14b

CAN-TSO-C15d Aircraft Fabric, Grade A TSO-C15d

CAN-TSO-C16a Electrically Heated Pitot and Pitot-Static Tubes TSO-C16a
CAN-TSO-C16b Electrically Heated Pitot and Pitot-Static Tubes


Portable Water-Solution Type Fire Extinguisher TSO-C19c

CAN-TSO-C20 Combustion Heaters TSO-C20


Amendment-1, Combustion Heaters TS0-C20A-1
CAN-TSO-C20a Combustion Heaters and Accessories TSO-C20a

CAN-TSO-C21b Aircraft Turnbuckle Assemblies and/or Turnbuckle Safetying Devices TSO-C21b

CAN-TSO-C22g Safety Belts TSO-C22g

CAN-TSO-C23f Personnel Parachute Assemblies and Components TSO-C23f

CAN-TSO-C25a Aircraft Seats and Berths (Type I Transport, 6g Forward Load) TSO-C25a

CAN-TSO-C26d Aircraft Wheels, Brakes and Wheel/Brake Assemblies for Parts 23, 27 and 29 Aircraft TSO-C26d

CAN-TSO-C27 Twin Seaplane Floats TSO-C27

CAN-TSO-C28 Aircraft Skis TSO-C28

CAN-TSO-C30c Aircraft Position Lights TSO-C30c

CAN-TSO-C34e ILS Glide Slope Receiving Equipment Operating within the Radio Frequency Range of 328.6-335.4 Megahertz (MHz) TSO-C34e

CAN-TSO-C35d Airborne Radio Marker Receiving Equipment TSO-C35d

CAN-TSO-C36e Airborne ILS Localizer Receiving Equipment Operating within the Radio Frequency Range of 108-112 Megahertz (MHz) TSO-C36e

CAN-TSO-C39b Aircraft Seats and Berths TSO-C39b

CAN-TSO-C39c 9g Transport Airplane Seats Certified by Static Testing TSO-C39c

CAN-TSO-C40c VOR Receiving Equipment Operating within the Radio Frequency Range of 108-117.95 Megahertz (MHz) TSO-C40c

CAN-TSO-C41d Airborne Automatic Direction Finding (ADF) Equipment TSO-C41d

CAN-TSO-C42 Propeller Feathering Hose Assemblies TSO-C42

CAN-TSO-C43c Temperature Instruments TSO-C43c
CAN-TSO-C43d Temperature Instruments TSO-C43d

CAN-TSO-C44c Fuel Flowmeters TSO-C44c

CAN-TSO-C45b Manifold Pressure Instruments TSO-C45b

CAN-TSO-C46a Maximum Allowable Airspeed Indicator Systems TSO-C46a

CAN-TSO-C47a Fuel, Oil, and Hydraulic Pressure Instruments TSO-C47a

Carbon Monoxide Detector Instruments TSO-C48a

CAN-TSO-C49b Electric Tachometer: Magnetic Drag (Indicator and Generator) TSO-C49b

CAN-TSO-C53a Fuel and Engine Oil System Hose Assemblies TSO-C53a

CAN-TSO-C54 Stall Warning Instruments TSO-C54

CAN-TSO-C55a Fuel and Oil Quantity Instruments TSO-C55a

CAN-TSO-C56b Engine Driven Direct Current Generator/Starter Generators TSO-C56b

CAN-TSO-C59a Airborne Selective Calling (SELCAL) Equipment TSO-C59a
CAN-TSO-C59b Airborne Selective Calling (SELCAL) Equipment TSO-C59b

CAN-TSO-C62e Aircraft Tires TSO-C62e

CAN-TSO-C63d Airborne Weather Radar Equipment TSO-C63d
CAN-TSO-C63e Airborne Weather Radar Equipment TSO-C63e

CAN-TSO-C64b Passenger Oxygen Mask Assembly, Continuous Flow TSO-C64b

CAN-TSO-C66c Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Operating within the Radio Frequency Range of 960-1215 Megahertz TSO-C66c

Emergency Evacuation Slides, Ramps, Ramp/Slides, and Slide/Rafts TSO-C69c

CAN-TSO-C70b Life Rafts TSO-C70b

CAN-TSO-C71 Airborne Static ("DC to DC") Electrical Power Converter (for Air Carrier Aircraft) TSO-C71

CAN-TSO-C72c Individual Flotation Devices TSO-C72c

CAN-TSO-C73 Static Electrical Power Inverter TSO-C73

CAN-TSO-C74d Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System (ATCRBS) Airborne Equipment TSO-C74d

CAN-TSO-C75 Hydraulic Hose Assemblies TSO-C75

CAN-TSO-C76b Fuel Drain Valves TSO-C76b

CAN-TSO-C77b Gas Turbine Auxiliary Power Units TSO-C77b

CAN-TSO-C78a Crewmember Demand Oxygen Mask TSO-C78a

CAN-TSO-C79 Fire Detectors (Radiation Sensing Type) TSO-C79

CAN-TSO-C80 Flexible Fuel and Oil Cell Material TSO-C80

CAN-TSO-C85b Survivor Locator Lights TSO-C85b

CAN-TSO-C87a Airborne Low-Range Radio Altimeter TSO-C87a

CAN-TSO-C88b Automatic Pressure Altitude Reporting Code-Generating Equipment TSO-C88b

CAN-TSO-C89a Crewmember Oxygen Regulators, Demand TSO-C89a

CAN-TSO-C90d Cargo Pallets, Nets, and Containers (Unit Load Devices) TSO-C90d

CAN-TSO-C92c Airborne Ground Proximity Warning Equipment TSO-C92c

CAN-TSO-C93 Airborne Interim Standard Microwave Landing System Converter Equipment TSO-C93

CAN-TSO-C95a Mach Meters TSO-C95a

CAN-TSO-C96a Anticollision Light Systems TSO-C96a

CAN-TSO-C99a Flight Deck (Sedentary) Crewmember Protective Breathing Equipment TSO-C99a

CAN-TSO-C100c Aviation Child Safety Device (ACSD) TSO-C100c

CAN-TSO-C101 Over Speed Warning Instruments TSO-C101

CAN-TSO-C102 Airborne Radar Approach and Beacon Systems for Helicopters TSO-C102

CAN-TSO-C103 Continuous Flow Oxygen Mask Assembly (For Non-Transport Category Aircraft) TSO-C103

CAN-TSO-C104 Microwave Landing System (MLS) Airborne Receiving Equipment TSO-C104

CAN-TSO-C105 Optional Display Equipment for Weather and Ground Mapping Radar Indicators TSO-C105

CAN-TSO-C106 Air Data Computer TSO-C106

CAN-TSO-C109 Airborne Navigation Data Storage System TSO-C109

CAN-TSO-C110a Airborne Passive Thunderstorm Detection Equipment TSO-C110a

CAN-TSO-C112e Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System/Mode Select (ATCRBS/Mode S) Airborne Equipment TSO-C112e

CAN-TSO-C113a Airborne Multipurpose Electronic Displays TSO-C113a

CAN-TSO-C114 Torso Restraint Systems TSO-C114

CAN-TSO-C115d Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Equipment Using Multi-Sensor Inputs TSO-C115d

CAN-TSO-C116a Crewmember Portable Protective Breathing Equipment TSO-C116a

CAN-TSO-C117a Airborne Windshear Warning and Escape Guidance Systems for Transport Airplanes TSO-C117a

CAN-TSO-C118a Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Airborne Equipment, TCAS I TSO-C118a

CAN-TSO-C119d Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Airborne Equipment, TCAS II With Hybrid Surveillance TSO-C119d
CAN-TSO-C119e Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Airborne Equipment, TCAS II With Hybrid Surveillance TSO-C119e

CAN-TSO-C121b Underwater Locating Devices (Acoustic) (Self-Powered) TSO-C121b (02/28/12)
CAN-TSO-C122a Equipment that Prevents Blocked Channels Used In Two-Way Radio Communications Due To Simultaneous Transmissions TSO-C122a

CAN-TSO-C123c Cockpit Voice Recorder Equipment TSO-C123c

CAN-TSO-C124c Flight Data Recorder Equipment TSO-C124c

CAN-TSO-C126b 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) TSO-C126b (11/26/12)
CAN-TSO-C127b Rotorcraft, Transport Airplane, and Small Airplane Seating Systems TSO-C127b

CAN-TSO-C128a Equipment that Prevents Blocked Channels Used in Two-way Radio Communications Due to Unintentional Transmissions TSO-C128a

CAN-TSO-C132a Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Geosynchronous Orbit Aeronautical Mobile Satellite TSO-C132a

Transport Airplane Wheels and Wheel and Brake Assemblies TSO-C135a

CAN-TSO-C137a Aircraft Portable Megaphones TSO-C137a

CAN-TSO-C139a Aircraft Audio Systems and Equipment TSO-C139a

CAN-TSO-C140 Aerospace Fuel, Engine Oil, and Hydraulic Fluid Hose Assemblies TSO-C140

CAN-TSO-C141 Aircraft Fluorescent Lighting Ballast/Fixture Equipment TSO-C141

CAN-TSO-C142a Non-rechargeable Lithium Cells and Batteries TSO-C142a

CAN-TSO-C144a Passive Airborne Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Antenna TSO-C144a

CAN-TSO-C145d Airborne Navigation Sensors Using The Global Positioning System Augmented By The Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) TSO-C145d (12/20/13)
CAN-TSO-C146d Stand-Alone Airborne Navigation Equipment Using The Global Positioning System Augmented By The Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) TSO-C146d (12/20/13)
CAN-TSO-C147a Traffic Advisory System (TAS) Airborne Equipment TSO-C147a (09/05/14)
CAN-TSO-C148 Aircraft Mechanical Fasteners TSO-C148

CAN-TSO-C149 Aircraft Bearings TSO-C149

CAN-TSO-C150a Aircraft Seals TSO-C150a

CAN-TSO-C151c Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) TSO-C151c

CAN-TSO-C153 Integrated Modular Avionics Hardware Elements TSO-C153

Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) Equipment Operating on Frequency of 978 MHz TSO-C154c

CAN-TSO-C155b Recorder Independent Power Supply (RIPS) TSO-C155b

CAN-TSO-C157b Flight Information Services – Broadcast (FIS-B) Equipment TSO-C157b

CAN-TSO-C158 Aeronautical Mobile High Frequency Data Link (HFDL) Equipment TSO-C158

CAN-TSO-C159b Next Generation Satellite Systems (NGSS) Equipment TSO-C159b
CAN-TSO-C159c Next Generation Satellite Systems (NGSS) Equipment TSO-C159c

CAN-TSO-C160a Very High Frequency (VHF) Digital Link (VDL) Mode 2 Communications Equipment TSO-C160a

Ground Based Augmentation System Positioning and Navigation Equipment TSO-C161a

Ground Based Augmentation System Very High Frequency Data Broadcast Equipment TSO-C162a

CAN-TSO-C163a VDL Mode 3 Communications Equipment Operating within the Frequency Range 117.975-137.000 Megahertz TSO-C163a

CAN-TSO-C164a Night Vision Goggles TSO-C164a

CAN-TSO-C165a Electronic Map Display Equipment for Graphical Depiction of Aircraft Position (Own-Ship) TSO-C165a (09/30/13)
Extended Squitter Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) and Traffic Information Service – Broadcast (TIS-B) Equipment Operating on the Radio Frequency of 1090 Megahertz (MHz) TSO-C166b

CAN-TSO-C167 Personnel Carrying Device Systems (PCDS), also Known as Human Harnesses TSO-C167

CAN-TSO-C168 Aviation Visual Distress Signals TSO-C168

CAN-TSO-C169a VHF Radio Communications Transceiver Equipment Operating within Radio Frequency Range 117.975 to 137.000 Megahertz TSO-C169a

CAN-TSO-C170 High Frequency (HF) Radio Communications Transceiver Equipment Operating within the Radio Frequency Range 1.5 to 30 Megahertz TSO-C170

CAN-TSO-C171 Aircraft Clamps TSO-C171

CAN-TSO-C172a Cargo Restraint Strap Assemblies TSO-C172a

CAN-TSO-C173a Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel Metal-Hydride, and Lead-Acid Batteries TSO-C173a (03/15/13)
CAN-TSO-C174 Battery Based Emergency Power Unit (BEPU) TSO-C174

CAN-TSO-C175 Galley Cart, containers and Associated Components TSO-C175

CAN-TSO-C176a Cockpit Image Recorder Equipment TSO-C176a (12/19/13)
CAN-TSO-C177a Data Link Recorder Equipment TSO-C177a

CAN-TSO-C178 Single Phase 115 VAC, 400 Hz Arc Fault Circuit Breakers TSO-C178

CAN-TSO-C179a Permanently Installed Rechargeable Lithium Cells, Batteries and Battery Systems TSO-C179a

CAN-TSO-C184 Airplane Galley Insert Equipment, Electrical/Pressurized TSO-C184

CAN-TSO-C190 Active Airborne Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Antenna TSO-C190

CAN-TSO-C194 Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) TSO-C194

CAN-TSO-C195b Avionics Supporting Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Aircraft Surveillance Applications (ASA) TSO-C195b

CAN-TSO-C196b Airborne Supplemental Navigation Sensors for Global Positioning System Equipment using Aircraft-Based Augmentation TSO-C196b

CAN-TSO-C197 Information Collection and Monitoring Systems TSO-C197

CAN-TSO-C198 Automatic Flight Guidance and Control System (AFGCS) Equipment TSO-C198

CAN-TSO-C199 Traffic Awareness Beacon System (TABS) TSO-C199

CAN-TSO-C200a Airframe Low Frequency Underwater Locating Device (Acoustic) (Self-Powered) TSO-C200a

CAN-TSO-C201 Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) TSO-C201

CAN-TSO-C202 Cargo Stopper Devices TSO-C202

CAN-TSO-C203 Fire Containment Covers (FCC) TSO-C203

CAN-TSO-C204 Circuit Card Assembly Functional Sensors using Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) for Navigation and Non-Navigation Position/Velocity/Time Output TSO-C204

CAN-TSO-C205 Circuit Card Assembly Functional Class Delta Equipment Using The Satellite-Based Augmentation System for Navigation Applications TSO-C205

CAN-TSO-C206 Circuit Card Assembly Functional Sensors using Aircraft-Based Augmentation for Navigation and Non-Navigation Position/Velocity/Time Output TSO-C206

CAN-TSO-C207 Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System (AeroMACS) TSO-C207

CAN-TSO-C209 Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) Display TSO-C209

Index 2


CAN-TSO-2C500a Combined ILS/MLS Airborne Receiving Equipment ETSO-2C500a

CAN-TSO-2C501 Mode S Aircraft Data Link Processor ETSO-2C501

CAN-TSO-2C502 Helicopter Crew and Passenger Integrated Immersion Suits ETSO-2C502

CAN-TSO-2C503 Helicopter Crew and Passenger Immersion Suits for Operations to or from Helidecks Located in a Hostile Sea Area ETSO-2C503

CAN-TSO-2C504 Helicopter Constant-Wear Lifejackets for Operations to or from Helidecks Located in a Hostile Sea Area ETSO-2C504

CAN-TSO-2C505 Helicopter Liferafts for Operations to and from Helidecks Located in a Hostile Sea Area ETSO-2C505

CAN-TSO-2C509 Light Aviation Secondary Surveillance Transponders (LAST) ETSO-2C509

CAN-TSO-2C512 Portable Gaseous Oxygen Supply (PGOS) ETSO-2C512

CAN-TSO-2C513 Tow Release ETSO-2C513

CAN-TSO-2C514 Airborne Systems for Non-Required Telecommunication Services (in Non-Aeronautical Frequency Bands) (ASNRT) ETSO-2C514

CAN-TSO-2C515 Aircraft Halocarbon Clean Agent – Hand Held Extinguishers ETSO-2C515

Index 3

CAN-TSO-3C503 Helicopter Passenger Transportation Suit Systems (HPTSS) 2015-01-23


Effective Date: 2015-01-23

RDIMS No.: 8690342 v4

Canadian Technical Standard Order (CAN-TSO)

Subject: Helicopter Passenger Transportation Suit Systems (HPTSS)


    This Canadian Technical Standard Order (CAN-TSO) specifies the minimum performance standards (MPS) that Helicopter Passenger Transportation Suit Systems (HPTSS) shall meet for issuance of a design approval and in order to be identified with the applicable CAN-TSO marking.

    This CAN-TSO applies to suit systems intended to be worn by helicopter passengers during transportation over water where thermal protection may be required. The primary function of a suit system meeting this standard is to provide the helicopter passenger protection from the effects of cold water during the initial hours of immersion. Additionally, the suit system provides the wearer with floatation buoyancy in water, where the pertinent requirements of CAN-TSO-C13f have been incorporated into the standard specified in section 4 of this CAN-TSO.

  2. 2.0 AUTHORITY

    CAN-TSO standards in respect of aeronautical appliances or parts are issued pursuant to subsection 521.106(b) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR). Once issued, CAN-TSO standards may be listed in Airworthiness Manual (AWM) Chapter 537, Subchapter B, Canadian Technical Standard Orders.


    Applicable regulations governing issuance of a CAN-TSO design approval for aeronautical appliances or parts are contained in Part V, Subpart 21 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR 521), Division III — Canadian Technical Standard Order (CAN-TSO) Design Approvals.


    (a) Helicopter Passenger Transportation Suit Systems approved under this CAN-TSO shall meet the MPS qualification and documentation requirements of the National Standard of Canada CAN/CGSB-65.17-2012 – Helicopter Passenger Transportation Suit Systems, published April 2012 by the Canadian General Standards Board, and the supplementary Identification and Marking requirements of Section 5 of this CAN-TSO.

    (b) The Flame Exposure requirements of par. 5.3.1 of CAN/CGSB-65.17-2012 shall only be considered applicable to the materials from which the Inflatable Buoyancy Element (as described in section 6 of this CAN-TSO) of the suit system is constructed.

    1. 5.1 General

      Each suit systems shall have identification and marking as specified in Part II, Subpart 1, section 201.10 of the CAR.

    2. 5.2 Specific
      1. (a) Each suit system shall be labelled, marked and placarded in accordance with the requirements of CAN/CGSB-65.17-2012.
      2. (b) For each component of a suit system that is easily removable (without hand tools) and for each subassembly of the suit system that may be interchangeable, the following identification information shall be individually labelled on each such component or subassembly:
        1. (1) the name, trademark or symbol identifying the manufacturer and, if the manufacturer is an entity, its legal name;
        2. (2) the manufacturer's approval number;
        3. (3) the component or subassembly part number;
        4. (4) the component or subassembly serial number or the date of manufacture; and
        5. (5) the lettering, "CAN-TSO-3C503".

    1. (a) Order CGSB documents from the Canadian General Standards Board, Sales Centre, Gatineau, Canada K1A 1G6. Telephone 819-956-0425 or 1-800-665-2472. Fax 819-956-5644. E-mail at Web site
    2. (b) Part II, Subpart 1 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR 201.10) can be found at the following link:
    3. (c) Part V, Subpart 21 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR 521) can be found at the following link:
    4. (d) Chapter 537 of the Airworthiness Manual - Airworthiness Standards Appliances and Parts can be found at the following link:

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