Access to information and protection of privacy, proactive disclosure, corporate management and reporting, service standards, consultations, Open Government Portal.

Services and information

Access to information and protection of privacy

Access to information office, completed access requests, access to information and privacy acts.

Proactive disclosure

Contracts, grants, contributions, travel expenses, hospitality expenses, annual expenditures, position reclassifications, National Asbestos Inventory, findings of wrongdoing.

Corporate management and reporting

Departmental Plans, Departmental Results Reports, Sustainable Development Strategy reports, financial reports, audit reports, evaluation reports, Transportation in Canada annual reports.

Service standards

Service standards for Transport Canada programs and services.


Engagement with Canadians and stakeholders through consultations and public opinion research.

Open Government Portal

Open Data, Open Information, Open Maps

Scientific integrity at Transport Canada

Transport Canada Policy on Scientific Integrity

Open TC

A window on how we protect the safety and security of our transportation system

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