Corporate management and reporting

Departmental Plans, Departmental Results Reports, Sustainable Development Strategy reports, financial reports, audit reports, evaluation reports, Transportation in Canada annual reports.

Services and information

Departmental Plans

Expected corporate priorities, activities, associated resources.

Department Results Reports

Reports that assess our performance against the plan and priorities outlined in the Departmental Plans.

Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy 2017 to 2020

Report that outlines the actions we’re taking to support the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy.

Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy updates

2018 to 2019 updates to the Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy.

Transport Canada financial reports

Financial statements, quarterly financial reports, future-oriented financial statements.

Audit reports

Internal audit reports, management responses, action plans.

Departmental evaluation reports

Recommendation reports that help the Government of Canada design and deliver programs and services.

Transport Canada’s information management and technology environment, 2011 to 2012

Report on IM/IT activities and resources at Transport Canada.

Information management and technology strategic and investment plan, 2009 to 2013

Strategic plan for expanding services to meet departmental and public needs.

Transportation in Canada annual reports

Analysis and research on trends and evolution of the Canadian transportation.

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