Table of Contents

Part I - Policy
Aim I.1
Definitions I.2
Application I.3
Objective I.4
Refusal/Cancellation/Suspension I.5
Administration I.6
Exceptions for Extraordinary Situations I.7
The Advisory Body I.8
The Review Panel I.9
Part II - Standards
Applicants II.1
Reserved II.2
Airport Pass Control Office Staff II.3
Reserved II.4
Exceptions II.5
Foreign Nationals II.6
Diplomatic or Consular Courier II.7
Reserved II.8
Exceptions for Extraordinary Situations II.9
Reserved II.10
Holders of Security Clearances/Clearances II.11
Reserved II.12
Reserved II.13
Reserved II.14
Prerequisite II.15
Reserved II.16
Identification of Applicants II.17
Reserved II.18
Clearances II.19
Reserved II.20
Duration of Clearance II.21
Reserved II.22
Cancellation of Clearance II.23
Reserved II.24
Information Bulletins II.25
Reserved II.26
Notification of Delay II.27
Reserved II.28
Review, Suspension and Cancellation II.29
Reserved II.30
The Advisory Body II.31
The Review Panel II.32
Convening the Advisory Body II.33
Convening the Review Panel II.34
Cancellation or Refusal II.35
Subsequent Applications II.36
Outstanding Criminal Charges II.37
Reserved II.38
Precautionary Measures II.39
Reserved II.40
Notification of a Refusal or Cancellation II.41
Reserved II.42
Notification of a Suspension or the Continuation of a Suspension II.43
Reserved II.44
Redress II.45
Mailing Address 1
Forms Required 2
Renewals 3
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