How to obtain the 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook

Who can obtain free copies of the ERG?

  • Canadian First Responders such as municipal fire departments, police departments, ambulance services, RCMP, as well as First Nations emergency services. It does not include industry First Responders (see below).
  • Canadian fire dispatch centers that relay technical information on dangerous goods to First Responders can obtain a small number of free paper copies for use in the dispatch center.
  • Public emergency services that are likely to be first on scene of dangerous goods incidents in remote areas where there may not be First Responders.

There is a new policy in effect for the free distribution of the guidebook (ERG). Please consult the handout on ERG distribution policy (PDF, 368 KB) for more information.

For the above-noted organizations, please see the list of contacts below:

Province Contacts E-mail
Alberta Nancy Welsh
British Columbia Brandie Frawley
Manitoba Scott Davies
New Brunswick John Lunney
Newfoundland & Labrador Dorothy Doyle
Northwest Territories Harris Beaulieu
Nova Scotia Stuart Frickleton
Nunavut Blaine Heffernan
Ontario Theresa Upham
Prince Edward Island Doug MacEwen
Québec Raynald Boies
Saskatchewan Sean Mustatia
Yukon National Safety Code
National Defense Contact Base supply

Contact Base supply and give one of the following codes

ALM 007 005 AX004 (English guide)
ALM 007 005 AX005 (French guide)

Canada Border Services Agency Becky Illson-Skinner

Who is NOT eligible to obtain free copies of the ERG?

For all other organizations, the ERG2016 must be purchased:

  • Industry representatives, including industry First Responders (such as industry fire departments, non-profit organizations, mutual aid groups, and dangerous goods cleanup contractors).
  • Non-emergency services within municipal, provincial or federal authorities
  • Dispatch centers that do not relay technical information about dangerous goods to First Responders (such as 911 dispatch centers).
  • Any request from outside of Canada.

The following companies and government departments have informed Transport Canada that they are distributing the new emergency response guidebook:

This information has been provided by an external source. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, the currency and the reliability of the content, Transport Canada does not offer any guaranty in that regard.

Some material is available in one language only.

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