Appendix D - Sample Engineering Procedures Manual

Appendix A:  Completed AWM 505C Compliance Checklist

The requirements defined in AWM 505C have been complied with as is shown in the following table which identifies the AWM 505C section and where the requirement has been covered in the EPM.

Section Description Where Requirement is Met
207 (a) Applicant Information EPM, Section 1, & Letter of Authorization (Appendix D)
207 (b) Engineering Procedures Manual Statement of Purpose EPM, Section 1.1
207 (c) Statement of Acceptance of Responsibilities and Obligations EPM, Section 1.4.1
207 (d) DAR Responsibilities Description EPM, Section 1.4.1a refers to Handbook
207 (e) Authorized Functions EPM, Section 3.1
207 (f) Data/Program Control System EPM, Sections 1.4.1a refers to Handbook
207 (g)
Records EPM, Sections 1.4.1a refers to Handbook
207 (h) Specimen Signature EPM, Approval Page, and Section 1.4.1
207 (i) Revision Control EPM, Sections 1.4.1a refers to Handbook
207 (j) Record of Revisions EPM, Revision Approval Page, List of Effective Pages
207 (k) Other Information EPM, Sections 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.1, 2.2
211 Authorization EPM, Section 1.4
213 Privileges EPM, Section 3.1
215 Limitations of Privileges EPM, Section 3.2
217 Responsibilities EPM, Sections 1.4.3, 3.1
223 Change to Authorization EPM, Section 3.4
225 Duration of Authorization EPM, Section 3.5

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