Appendix D - Sample Engineering Procedures Manual

Section 1:  Delegate Information and Commitment
1.1  Purpose of Engineering Procedures Manual

This Engineering Procedures Manual was developed to meet the requirements of Airworthiness Manual Chapter 505, Subchapter C, by describing the policies and procedures that I will follow in the performance of my delegated functions.

1.2  Appointment

Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) has appointed me, Robert Smythe, as a Design Approval Representative (DAR) as shown in the Delegation of Authority Certificate provided on page iv, in the Structures (Loads and Airframe Stress) specialty. The Letter of Authorization reproduced in Appendix D, and this manual define the extent of my delegation as granted by Transport Canada.

1.3  Business Address
My ordinary place of business is located at: Pacifica Aerospace Corporation
2853 Walking Road
Edmonton, AB
T3R 7K1
Mailing address: Same as place of business.
Telephone Number: (780) 456-7890
Facsimile Number: (780) 123-4567
Email Address:
1.4  Authorization
1.4.1  Commitment

I, Robert Smythe, understand and accept the responsibilities and obligations, detailed in Airworthiness Manual Chapter 505C (AWM 505C), associated with the exercise of the authority delegated by the Minister to me. I commit to:

Function in accordance with my Letter of Authorization, approved Engineering Procedures Manual, and the Transport Canada "Delegations Handbook for Designated Engineers and Design Approval Representatives";

Dedicate the required resources for the effective performance of my functions;

Remain knowledgeable in my delegated technical disciplines and with the airworthiness requirements, policies, and procedures;

Cooperate with TCCA in the exercising of my delegated authority and attend such meetings with TCCA on issues directly associated with the delegation, as TCCA may request;

Determine that data and information approved or recommended for approval:


Has been examined and found to be satisfactory with respect to accuracy, completeness, and use of established test procedures, proven analytical methods and valid assumptions;

Comply with all applicable regulations, requirements, policies, and advisory material; and

Reflects all applicable changes in product configuration and are incorporated in the final approved Type Design.

Make available to TCCA, on request, and in a manner acceptable to TCCA, all information used in making, or recommending, a finding of compliance by myself;

Ensure that the approved configuration or Type Design has been identified;

Recognize that TCCA may participate in approval projects, notwithstanding the delegated functions, where in the opinion of TCCA participation is necessary for the standardization of test techniques, interpretation of results, audit purposes, or to verify data which may form a part of approved publications such as the aircraft flight manual;

Be responsible for ensuring that the appropriate flight test qualitative and quantitative assessments are made by a technically qualified crew, using a properly configured aircraft equipped with adequate instrumentation and recording capability for the intended test;

Be responsible for liaison with the appropriate Regional Office and/or the Chief, Flight Test on the scope and extent of flight test programs as well as acceptable means of compliance;

Notify TCCA, in writing, within seven working days of any change of name or address of my usual place of business; and

Notify TCCA, in writing, within seven working days of any other changes that may have a direct effect on the performance of my authorized functions.

My signatures on the EPM Approval Page, and below confirm my commitment to meet my obligations and responsibilities as a Delegate.

R Smythe January 7, 1999 ________________________ ________________________ Robert Smythe, DAR 777 Date
1.4.2  Control of Delegated Privileges

The Scope of Authority delegated to me as a DAR will be exercised as directed by TCCA in a compliance program, or by conditions stated by TCCA when a project approval number is issued. My signature and DAR number, 777, will be used in the performance of delegated functions, and a stamp with my DAR number will be used to maintain configuration control of my approvals (per Chapter 5.3.4 of the Delegations Handbook for Designated Engineers and Design Approval Representatives). This DAR authorization will not be used for any other function aside from that authorized by TCCA in their Letter of Authorization, and defined in this EPM.

The Delegations Handbook for Designated Engineers and Design Approval Representatives describes those procedures that I commit to follow in the performance of my delegated functions. In those cases where I have procedures that differ from those in the handbook, or the handbook provides no procedures, my manual describes them in section 2 on special procedures. Those procedures specifically described in section 2 will take precedence over those in the handbook.

1.4.3  Resources

In accordance with the commitment made in section 1.4.1, the resources required for effective performance of my delegated functions will be available prior to the execution of these delegated functions. The resources available to me include the minimum library holdings identified in Chapter 7 of the Delegations Handbook for Designated Engineers and Design Approval Representatives, and the pertinent Airworthiness regulations, requirements, policies, advisory and guidance material, and additional literature appropriate to my delegated functions and authorized areas.

1.5  Acronyms

The following acronyms are used in this EPM.

ACSI Aircraft Certification Staff Instruction LSTC Limited Supplemental Type Certificate
AEO Airworthiness Engineering Organization PAC Pacifica Aerospace Corporation
AWM Airworthiness Manual RDC Repair Design Certificate
DAO Design Approval Organization RMAC Regional Manager Aircraft Certification
DAPM Design Approval Procedures Manual STC Supplemental Type Certificate
DAR Design Approval Representative TBD To Be Determined
EPM Engineering Procedures Manual TCCA Transport Canada Civil Aviation
ESB Engineering Service Bulletin TP Technical Publication
ICA Instructions for Continued Airworthiness    
1.6  References

The following references are made in this EPM:

AMA 500/16 Airworthiness Manual Advisory (AMA) titled "Establishing the Certification Basis of Changed Aeronautical Products"
PL 500-002 Policy Letter (PL) titled "Establishing the Certification Basis of Changed Aeronautical Products - Interpretation and Policy"
SI 500-003 Staff Instruction (SI) titled "Establishing the Certification Basis of Changed Aeronautical Products - Procedures"
ACSI 46 Elements of an Airworthiness Control System
1.7  EPM Distribution

One copy of the approved EPM will be distributed to each of the following:

Copy 1 Robert Smythe, DAR
Copy 2 TCCA Regional Manager Aircraft Certification
Copy 3 TCCA Headquarters (Delegations and Quality Division)

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