Chapter 2. Nomination Criteria and Application Process

2.2  Application

Transport Canada has no Delegate specific application forms, however, to support a delegates application it is essential that the candidate submit that information required to demonstrate compliance with the criteria specified in AWM Chapter 505.105/205/405. Individual DAOs/AEOs may have developed application procedures and forms tailored to their needs, which is acceptable, so long as it is documented in their DAPM and has been accepted by TCCA. To provide specific guidance a number of ACSIs have been developed which are briefly introduced in sections 2.2.1 through 2.2.3.

TCCA staff should ensure that whatever application procedure is used, a copy of the application and supporting data is placed on the candidates file for retention.

Applications for delegation as a DAR should be submitted to the Regional Manager of Aircraft Certification in the applicable Region. In the case of an existing AEO or DAO, application for appointment of a designated engineer should be submitted to the Transport Canada Office which has responsibility for delegation activities within that particular AEO or DAO. New applications to establish an AEO or DAO should be discussed with the Regional Manager Aircraft Certification to assess if the application will be reviewed by the Region or if it should be reviewed by Headquarters.

All applications should include:

  1. The name of the applicant and the address of the ordinary place of business. For AEO applicants, the air service Operating Certificate number and the list of products the applicant may maintain under the Operating Certificate should be included. For DAO applicants, the aeronautical products which the applicant intends to design, modify or repair should be described. DAR applicants should also list the type of products for which delegation of authority is being requested;
  2. The scope of authority for which authorization is requested;
  3. A compliance checklist to indicate compliance with the sections of the AWM Chapter 505. Although this is specified only in 505.205 (d) for DAR applicants, one should also be provided with each AEO and DAO application;
  4. A draft copy of the Engineering Procedures Manual (DAR, AEO) or Design Approval Procedures Manual (DAO) may be submitted at this time.

In addition, AEO and DAO applications should include:

  1. A description of the organization and associated lines of responsibility;
  2. The name and title of the person appointed to assume responsibility for the airworthiness activities (Ref. 505.103/403); and
  3. The names, titles and qualifications of each person nominated to perform functions the organization may be authorized to accomplish.
2.2.1  Personnel Qualification Criteria

For guidance on personnel qualification criteria ACSI 49 and ACPL 72 should be consulted. The purpose of this ACSI and ACPL is to provide Aircraft Certification Branch staff, and Regional Aircraft Certification staff, with guidance on the acceptable qualifications, knowledge and experience required for personnel nominated as Delegates to carry out the delegated functions within an Airworthiness Engineering Organization (AEO) or Design Approval Organization (DAO).

Additional guidance on personnel qualification/assessment criteria for those requesting software delegation can be found in ACSI 51.

2.2.2  Qualification And Authorization

For guidance on qualification and authorization criteria ACSI 50 should be consulted. This ACSI is to identify the procedures to be followed by AEOs and DAOs when nominating and authorizing personnel to participate in their activities in accordance with AWM Sections 505.109 and 505.409 respectively.

2.2.3  Delegation Approval Process

For guidance on the delegation approval process the criteria in ACSI 47 should be consulted and the guidance in ACSI 48 for developing and documenting their scope of authority. These ACSIs outline the delegation approval process used by the Aircraft Certification Branch to review applications for AEOs, DAOs, and DARs. The review process of an application for design related delegation of authority essentially consists of establishing the applicant's eligibility and approving the associated Procedures Manual (EPM or DAPM). For AEOs and DAOs the review of the manual and personnel is processed separately.

The review process is applicable to applications processed by Headquarters where Headquarters has responsibility for Delegates involved in AWM 511 Type Certification activities and has responsibility for all Flight Test delegations. Delegates involved in modification and repair and appliance type approval activities, in accordance with AWM 513, are typically the responsibility of the Regional Aircraft Certification Branches. In the case of a DAO or an AEO, an alternate process may be used provided the process is defined in the EPM/DAPM and is approved by Transport Canada as equivalent.

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