Aircraft certification guidance and advisory materials (pre 2007)

This index identifies Staff Instructions, Policy Letters, and Advisory Circulars that have been published by the National Aircraft Certification Branch on or prior to February 1, 2007. This index identifies whether the documents are effective or have been cancelled and if they have been replaced by a new document. Select the appropriate underlined text to locate the guidance and advisory material of interest.

All new advisory and guidance documents published by Civil Aviation on or after February 2, 2007 are now accessible through the Online Reference Centre web site.

Cancelled Documents List sorted by effective date of cancellation
Active Documents GEN - Administrative Guidance and Advisory Material
500 - General
505 - Delegation of Authority
513 - Approval of Modification and Repair Designs
523 - VLA - Very Light Aeroplanes
523 - Normal, Utility, Aerobatic and Commuter Category Aeroplanes

525 - Transport Category Aeroplanes

551 - Aircraft Equipment
591 - Service Difficulty Reporting
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