Master Minimum Equipment List Global Change 2

Project Management (Certification of Aeronautical Products)

Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL)

Transport Canada Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) Guidance Book Items

23.3      Cabin Service Interphone System (Flight Deck/Cabin              and Cabin/Cabin)
23.10    Passenger Address System
26.8      Lavatory Fire Extinguisher Systems
26.9      Lavatory Smoke Detections Systems
33.2      Emergency Lighting, External
33.9      No Smoking/Fasten Seat Belt/Return to Cabin Lights

Specifically, the category A non-passenger carrying operations relief, are designated Transport Canada Global Change 2 (TCGC-2).

This GC is an approved addendum to all affected existing MMELs.  An operator may seek use of the specific relief by revising the affected Minimum Equipment List (MEL).  In doing so, the non-passenger carrying operations proviso in the Guidance Book (GB), where applicable should be copied verbatim into the MEL; some wording changes may be required to cater to a particular aircraft configuration.  Approval of the revised MEL shall be gained using normal procedures or as otherwise directed in the new MMEL Item.



At Revision 3 of the Transport Canada Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) Guidance Book (GB) dated 27 Mar 97 several cabin safety related items were revised to permit relief from non-passenger carrying operations.  This relief is intended to permit the movement of an aircraft to a maintenance facility with some additional safety equipment inoperative for a short period of time, which would otherwise not be permitted with passengers on board. 

The relief is permitted based on the fact that crew members are trained and familiar with the aircraft.

Original signed by:

L. Farrell
Acting Chief
Aircraft Certification, Flight Test
for Minister of Tranport

October 9, 1997       

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